Banko Methodist preparatory school 
Overview of 2017
The year started with volunteers Lisa and Bente.
Moon&Star donates 350 GhCedis for each volunteer that works through us. This donation is spend in cooperation with the various projects.
Lisa and Bente used the money to paint the blackboards and they bought 7 desks.

In March Corinda came back to Ghana and she brought a great donation that was used to complete the next classroom.

Corinda is still actively raising funds and involved with the school. We hope that we can welcome her again next year.
Daniel and Hannah came in May. Daniel has been teaching at the school.
And in June we organised a workshop for the teachers.
Daniel(psychologist), Hannah(educational coach) and Asabere(guidance counselor) shared their expertise on various topics. It was a great day.
Volunteers Carolien and Daniel in action. Carolien also painted the new classroom.
In August the school organised a local fundraiser.  It was a festive day. The donations were spend on the building of the school.
The last day in school before the long vacation.

All the children brought their favourite food, prepared by their mums or dads.
This special day is called 'Our day'.
In August and September the school was closed because of the vacation. But the school board and us didn't rest. Our plan to help the school to the next level was taking shape.
There where meetings with everyone who was involved. We were able to hire new teachers and we agreed to subsidize the salaries for a period of 2 years.
We started at the beginning of the new academic year.
The new academic year started in September. Since then we are selling short bread at the school.
All the profit benefits the school.
Sales are up, every day we are baking at Moon&Star.

Obviously we still need a lot of sponsors, but we believe it's good to actively contribute ourselves.
It's also a lesson we want to teach the children.
Hard work pays off.
The school has 5 forms now. The creche, Kindergarten 1 and 2 and primary 1 and 2.
It's very important that the teachers prepare well for their classes. Not only for themselves and the pupils, but the government also checks on that.
In October Asabere organised an in house training on preparing lesson notes.
In November Marga and Cathrien come to Banko. They visited the school several times.
They played and sang with the children. They shared a lot of things and made a nice donation.
2017 is over, it was an amazing year. We cherish the collaboration with this unique school in Banko. In December the Methodist Church had their annual harvest. The proceeds are enough to supply the school with water. They already drilled for water and are building the water tower.

We will continue our collaboration with Banko Methodist preparatory school.We still need your help!! For more information please contact us at
At the end of 2017 we received a nice donation from a Dutch foundation called Benevolenta.
At the start of this project we stated that we need 1800 Euros to accomplish our goals. We can proudly announce that we have collected 700 Euros through donations and the selling of short bread.
Who is going to help us to collect the remaining 1100 Euros???

Thank you so much to all our supporters, our advisers, the people Banko Methodist church, the teachers, the administrator and our volunteers.

Let's make it an even better 2018 together!!!!