Moon and Star guesthouse

About us

Meet Pat, Asabere, Joe, Justice, Toon and our fluffy helpers.
Feel free to ask us if you have any questions or concerns about your stay.

Our aim is that all our guests feel at home here, no matter if you are a volunteer who stays here for a few months, a tourist or just passing by.

That is why we are very informal.

You want to relax? Fine!
You want to chat? Nice!
You want to take a tour through town? No problem!
Owner of Moon and Star guesthouse
I am the owner and manager of Moon&Star Guest house. This sounds very impressive... But at the same time I'm also the receptionist, the cook, the cleaning lady, the hostess and so on...
In 2001 I came to Ghana for the first time. It was love at first sight. I felt very attracted to Banko, the town were I was volunteering for 6 months.
Ever since I have been dreaming of a life in Banko.
Together with my son Tetey, my daughter Lucy and the staff I hope to welcome you soon at Moon&Star guesthouse
Co owner of Moon and Star guesthouse
Asabere is the co-owner of Moon&Star guesthouse.
He handles the paperwork for the guesthouse, is often the tourguide during our organised tours and is one of the key persons in our sustainable mission.
Moon and Star staff member
You can find Joe working at Moon&Star for 3 days a week. But don't be surprised if you see him also on his off days. He might come to chat, to take over a shift or check on his neighbouring farm.
In his free time he likes going to the gym and watching movies.
Moon and Star staff member
Justice comes from Banko, he works at Moon&Star 4 days a week. He's a great cook and a cool guy to hang around with. He enjoys music, food and football.
our colleague in Accra
Toontje has been living at Accra, Ghana for the past 12 years together with her 2 sons. Toontje arranges the airportservice for Moon&Star and takes care of the volunteers during their first night in Ghana.
Toon and Pat are also working together when it comes to Travel&Tours.
our dog
Don't get scared if you find something fluffy in your lap - they are our doggies, wanting a pat on their head.
Our cat
During the days you will find our kitty sleeping in the bar or laundry room. During the night... who knows what he's doing. Sometimes he likes to be petted - but ask first!