Frequently asked questions about staying at Moon&Star guesthouse and Ghana in general

Preparations before coming to Ghana/ Travel information

What is the best time of year to visit Ghana and Moon & Star Guesthouse?

This is up to you! Ghana has a wet season, from April to October. This means that travelling to some parts can be a bit more difficult. In general it should not lead to a lot of problems. Feel free to contact us with all your questions regarding when to travel.

I would like to come to West-Africa/Ghana, but I don't know where to start

Just contact us and we will help you figure everything out. We can organize all your travels in Ghana and can costumize everything to your liking. Check out our Exlore Ghana page

What should I pack?

Way less than what you might think. We published a blog post on what to bring to Ghana. At the end of the blog post you'll find a packing list.

Which power adapter do I need?  

In Ghana the plug type-G is mostly used. But there is a newer type the British socket in which you can also plug type C plugs easily. Moon&Star changed all the sockets into this newer version. No need to bring a world adapter, also when you are travelling around, you can buy the adapter in Ghana for less than €1,-.
What to bring to Ghana

Do I need a visa to come to Ghana?

Yes. Please check all the visa requirements of your country before applying. Keep in mind that the process takes time. Make sure to start in time! We can help you with your Visa preparations, just send us an e-mail or when you are in a hurry feel free to start a chat through the WhatsApp button on this page!

Which airlines fly to Ghana and are there domestic flights?

Accra, Ghana's capital is a popular destination and almost all European airlines, such as KLM, Air France, Brussels Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa offer flights to Accra. Check with an online ticketfinder, straight with the airline or at a travel agency for a suitable ticket.
Yes, there are domestic flights in Ghana. To come to Moon&Star you could fly to Kumasi and we'll be happy to arrange an airport transfer to Banko for you. For online reservations and more information about domestic flights, click here

Do you offer airport service in Accra?

A Belgium lady who has been living in Ghana for over 12 years handles our airportservice since the start of Moon&Star guesthouse. She will make you feel at ease, can help you with your first money withdrawal/ change, a local SIM card etcetera. And fun is guaranteed! Please contact us for more information and prices!

What can you tell me about malaria?

Malaria is real and it is here in Ghana. So is the malaria treatment. Look after yourself, when you don't feel well and have a fever just go for a quick malaria test at the nearest health center. Take the treatment as instructed and you'll be fine. Listen to the advice of locals and other people who have dealt with this before. And when you are staying at Moon&Star guesthouse, let Pat pamper you!

Do I need vaccinations before coming to Ghana?

Yes, proof of vaccination against Yellow fever is a requirement for your entry into Ghana. Check with a ravel clinic or your GP for other vaccins against hepatites A and tetanus amongst others.

Is Ghana safe to travel?

In general it is. Just use common sense, such as making sure you are where you need to be before it's dark. And listen to the advice that locals or the staff of restaurants/hostels give you.

Can I get medical care when needed?

This is not a problem. There is a health center and a pharmacy at Banko. There is a hospital in Effiduase. Please know that #teammoonandstar will help in all possible ways thinkable! We know that it's not nice to be sick when you are away from home. Pat will take good care of you!
featured in the Bradt Guide to Ghana

How can I prepare myself for a journey to Ghana? 

The Bradt Travel Guide, Google, our blogs or for example social media are interesting to read or follow.  Do you have a specific interest? Please contact us and we are always willing to think along with you!

Moon & Star is very active on Instagram (stories), give us a follow when you are interested!

Practical questions about Moon&Star Guesthouse

How are the rooms equipped?

Each room has a spacious bed with a mosquito net and a washroom. Each washroom has a shower, a toilet and a sink with a mirror. There is also running water.
Double room in our budget hostel
Moon&Star breakfast for one

What food do you serve? And / or I have a specific diet. Is that a problem?

Patricia and her team can adapt easily to most eating habits/dietary wishes and needs. Making vegetarian or vegan food won't be a problem, for example. If you have other eating habits or you are not able to tolerate some specific food, please talk with Patricia about it.
Please know that Moon & Star Guesthouse serves a mix of Ghanaian and European food. Interested to find out more about what the Ghanaian cuisine is all about? Take a look at this page.

Does Moon&Star guesthouse have a menu we can choose from?

Moon&Star has a rotating fixed menu. The reason behind this is mainly that we want to serve the freshest and tastiest home cooked meals. Due to our village location it is not possible to get all ingredients needed from Banko.
We serve an extensive breakfast platter, with more choice. So we know that there's is always something to your liking. Our lunches are surprises of the chef, they vary from delicious sandwiches to stirfried noodles, to soups and salads.
Our dinners are delicious. Just take a look at our blog post on our guests favourite meals.
Delicious food by Moon&Star guesthouse
Click for the 10 favorite dishes of our guests

Can I wash my laundry at the guesthouse?

We can wash your laundry if you want! We do this by hand. Considering we are very experienced, be sure to receive fresh clothing. For a wash we ask 2 cedi per item. If you want to wash yourself, of course you can.

Is there Wi-Fi at the guesthouse?

There is no Wi-Fi at the guesthouse. You will need to buy a local SIM card with airtime and/or internet, but the staff will guide you with getting it set and ready! The costs for internet bundles are relatively low. You can get 500MB for €0,50. MTN is the company that provides the best connection. Take a look at www.mtn.com.gh. Please keep in mind that the site provides a rough overview, it is not always up to date.

Where can I get money?

In Effiduase is an ATM. This town is approximately fifteen minutes away by car from Moon & Star Guesthouse.

Questions about Moon&Star's location

What can I expect from the surroundings of Moon & Star Guesthouse?

We are situated in the mountains in a rural area. There is a lot of green and you can hike in the forest nearby. By night you see the beautiful stars and you hear crickets when you go to sleep! Banko is just a ten minutes´ walk away and provides the basics you might need. The nearest city is Effiduase and reachable by car, within fifteen minutes.

How easy accessible is Moon & Star Guesthouse?

Moon&Star guesthouse is on route to the north. By passing us you can avoid busy Kumasi!
Let us know from where you are coming from and we will guide you to our guesthouse! Also, please take a look at our contact page for an extensive explanation. We can arrange pick ups from Mampong, Ejisu and Kumasi.
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Do you organize tours/excursions?

Yes we do! We can arrange day excursions, full Ghana tours and we even have completely arranged 3, 4 and 5 day tours in which we will show you the hidden gems in our beautiful environment, vibrant Kumasi and the tours are filled with extra's such as an African cooking class. Check it out!

What kind of daytrips are there?

Hiking, cooking workshops, visiting markets, daytrips and so on. We have a lot to offer! Please take a look at our excursion page for an overview.  

Questions about volunteering in Ghana through Moon&Star

Volunteering abroad

I want to volunteer with Moon & Star Guesthouse. What are the possibilities?

That is great! We would be thrilled to hear more about your ideas and wishes. You can read more about the possibilities on our volunteering page.

What is the minimum required time of the volunteer effort?

We advise you to stay at least four weeks to get a good impression of what life in Banko is all about. We believe that eight to ten weeks is even better. Get in touch with us through the volunteer form or send us a mail and feel free to ask your questions!

I read a lot about voluntourism. What is the position of Moon & Star Guesthouse regarding this?

We take our responsibility very serious and we try to do our outmost best to make a positive impact. Please read more about our thoughts on this page.

Please contact us(whats app, mail or call) for any additional questions, bookings or more information!

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