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Experience, learn, and be part of the community in Ghana in a sustainable way.
We collaborate with two projects: 'Crossing Borders for Ghana' runs a Children's home, and Banko Wesley Methodist preparatory school.

Our volunteer program offers sustainable tourism that allows the traveler to experience, learn and live in a different culture based on equality - without creating a negative impact on the citizens of Banko and the projects we support. We listen to the local governments, the people at the projects, and their leaders. We don't undermine their authority. And what's best is you will see exactly where we spend our money in the projects! As a volunteer, you will get full guidance, a great accommodation and a personalised experience as we are a small scale organisation.

Learn more about our efforts towards sustainable tourism in our blog.

"Last October / September I spent several weeks with Patricia at different times. It was a very nice warm place to stay that made me feel very much at home. Enormous peace around you but also a very homely feeling. Nice rooms and great food. Really top service. You feel immediately at ease. Thank you Patricia, for your hospitality for both times and for your care and love!"
Full Guidance
Anja's Children's home
We understand that it's quite an adventure to come and volunteer in an unknown place. That's why we guide you throughout the whole journey!

It starts in before you leave: First we will help you arrange the practical things. For example, advice on vaccinations, what to pack and the necessary letters for your Visa application.

About 1 month before your arrival in Ghana we will start with the preparation program. When you arrive in Ghana we will pick you up from the airport and travel with you to Banko the next day. When you are in Banko there is a volunteer program, which not only contains your working hours and nice outings, but also time to evaluate and discuss with your guide.
Great accomodation
Our spacious garden, bar and terrace
Moon & Star Guesthouse is situated just outside of a small, peaceful village called Banko. After a day working at your project you'll have time to relax or come and sit with us in the kitchen to chat.

You'll have a nice room with your own bathroom and running water. Our property also includes lovely gardens, a backyard complete with bamboo benches, a terrace and bar.

We will cook great homemade food for you - Ghanaian food as well as European. We can also cook vegetarian food, take care of your wishes, and will try to accommodate dietary restrictions.
Small Scale
Volunteers and staff enjoy chatting in the kitchen
We place only a few volunteers at the same time. We believe that you can experience the Ghanaian culture better as an individual and interact with the locals easier when you're not with a big group.

Small organization also means that we can focus on our projects instead of running and financing the organization.

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Our placement fee is one of the most affordable in Ghana and it will cover all you need to settle down.

Part of the placement and guidance fee will go straight to the project where you are working! You decide together with the project management how you will spend this donation.

Room and Board (per week): €85,00
Placement fee €350,00

• All the help you need for preparations and Visa application
• Personal preparation program
• Airport service
• Overnight stay in Accra
• Ghanaian sim card
• Transfer to Banko
• Volunteer program
• Guidance

Not included:
Plane ticket, Visa fees, Insurance, excursions, entrance fee to your day trips, food and drinks outside the guesthouse

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