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Affordable long term stay

Enjoy at Moon&Star guesthouse during your sabbatical, gap year or when you are a digital nomad!

Digital Nomads

We offer a beautiful location, 3 delicious meals a day, lot’s of space and quiet spots to work and relax, your own room, good 4G internet and solar electricity.
Besides this you will feel right at home!

All this for €365,- per month! For more information or bookings, send a mail or Whats app!

Really recommended!! Definitely worth avoiding the crowds and unwinding at the Moon & Star guesthouse. There is also plenty to do for the adventurer.
The location of the guesthouse is beautiful and has a nice view of the mountains. The challenging hikes, a visit to the waterfalls, strolling around the village and relaxing in the courtyard or in the hammocks provide a perfect alternation between relaxation, activities and culture.
From the first day, Patries, her family and the staff give you a warm welcome, making it immediately feel like a ‘home’. You can go there with all your questions or just have a nice chat. She is also happy to help you plan your trip further.
In addition, as far as the food is concerned, I continued to be surprised by the varied selection. A fantastic meal was put on the table for vegetarians, vegans and guests with special dietary requirements or allergies.
Thanks to the good care and a very nice stay, I had 5 fantastic weeks in Banko, which I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Moon & Star is on my list from now on and I will definitely come back here.
Medasi (Thank you!)

Cecilia Jackson


Gap year

Moon&Star guesthouse is a great place to spend your gap year. You can explore, learn and discover. You can work with the as a volunteer and learn more about Ghanaian life and culture. You can improve your English, your cooking skills or whatever you are interested in.
If you want to make career and study choices we have a great program for you in place! Gap year with a purpose!

Send a mail, whats app or book a non-obligatory appointment to discuss your possibilities for a gap year at Moon&Star guesthouse!


Get involved as a volunteer for banko women center!

Combine exploring beautiful Ghana with a volunteer job at Banko women center. Volunteering through Moon&Star guesthouse is a personal development journey. An opportunity to experience life in a different culture. 
While working at Banko women center you will support the local staff in fundraising by actively applying for grants and organizing fundraisers.

You don’t pay for volunteering with us. You pay for your room and 3 meals a day. The costs for a stay of 4 weeks are €410,00! Each week you want to stay longer costs €85,00.

volunteer Cecilia with Doris, Pat and Comfort at Banko women center

I spent 2,5 month at Moon&Star guesthouse. I felt incredibly at ease and at home. Pat is a very sweet woman who is always there for you! Besides that she cooks superb meals and together with the staff they make a great team! The place is very clean as well.
I came alone to Banko, but I never felt alone. I look back at a lovely time, which is why I highly recommend a long stay at Moon&Star guesthouse.
Banko is a great village with very hospitable inhabitants.




Moon&Star guesthouse is a great base for your sabbatical! Our surroundings have a lot to offer. You can escape the rat race for a while and get in touch with your inner self and your needs.

We offer a program if you want guidance and support. Read more about our coach in Ghana program.

If you don’t need guidance, but you are looking for a new home for a couple of months. Than we might be just the place for you!

Did you know that a 1 month stay only costs €365,-? This includes 3 meals a day, a private room with bathroom and electricity charges!


Digital nomads / sabbatical

  • 3 meals a day
  • Private room with bathroom
  • No electricity charges
  • Full Body Massage

sabbatical and Gap year program

For a personal coaching program of 4 weeks including airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, accommodation and meals we charge €899,-. For every week you want to stay longer there is an additional charge of €85,-.

The optional VIP studychoice or career guidance by our study counsellor Jacqueline will attract an extra fee of €757,-

“Last October / September I spent several weeks with Patricia at different times. It was a very nice warm place to stay that made me feel very much at home. Enormous peace around you but also a very homely feeling. Nice rooms and great food. Really top service. You feel immediately at ease. Thank you Patricia, for your hospitality for both times and for your care and love!”



Spend your time in Ghana at Moon&Star guesthouse!

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