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Completely arranged 3,4 or 5 day Ashanti tours

Ashanti tours: Completely arranged 3, 4 and 5 day trips through Ashanti-Ghana

While travelling through Ghana it can be difficult to determine where to go and what to visit. Ashanti region is somehow even more difficult, because of it’s many hidden gems. Which tourist site is really worth it? How far is it to travel to the highlight? Which excursions can I combine in one day? How do I travel to all these beautiful places in Ashanti and what are the cost for these tours? These are just a few questions that a traveler might have.


Moon&Star guesthouse offers: A completely organised tour through Ashanti-Ghana

We can answer all these questions. We now offer fully arranged tours through ‘our’ part of the undiscovered Ashanti region. Our tours are easy to combine with any other travel plans in Ghana that you might have.  Moon&Star guesthouse is on the route from Accra, Kumasi or the Volta to the northern part of Ghana.

Suppose you want to spot elephants in Mole park on your trip to Ghana, then this  Ashanti trip is a perfect stopover.


The 3-day trip is very suitable if you are in Ghana for an extended period of time as an expat or volunteer and you want to enjoy a fully arranged, but affordable weekend trip.

When you are a traveller who wants to immerse more in the Ashanti culture and you have more time at hand,  the 5-day Ashanti tour is the best choice.

Amazing Ashanti Tour

We did the 5 day Ashanti tour (instead of a shorter one), because we thought that all activities would be valueable to our experience of Banko and surroundings. It really was a nice tour! We visited exclusive places such as traditional shrines and Prayer’s Mountain and learned a lot. It was nice to be accompanied by tourguides Justice and Lydia who, since they’re familiar with the place, really add value to the conversations that we had there. The host Pat is also amazing. Together they will make you feel welcome and make sure you’ll enjoy your stay. You can ask them anything.

7 reasons why this Moon&Star tour is great for you!

1. Fully arranged
2. Local guides and drivers
3. Great accommodation
4. Relaxing environment
5. Excursions to ‘hidden gems’
6. Delicious food
7. And yet competitively priced

The tours include excursions to the most beautiful places in Ashanti Ghana

Hiking through breathtaking nature, spotting buffalos and crocodiles, excursions to craft villages where they manufacture Kente and Adinkra and climbing mountains are just a samples of what you will experience during our fully arranged 3, 4 or 5 day trip through Ashanti-Ghana.

Besides that you will also get to know the locals in our traditional Ashanti village of Banko and you will even cook with them during the Traditional cooking class. Our focus on sustainable tourism is reflected in this journey, we only work with local guides, have solar energy and we try to reduce to our impact as an organization.


Enjoy without distractions during your Ashanti trip

Leave the worrying up to us, Moon&Star will take care of everything! All you have to do is be here and enjoy! Adventurous excursions, beautiful surroundings, relaxed accommodation and every Ashanti tour by Moon&Star guesthouse ends with a barbeque and bonfire.

Great experience in close contact to a rural environment. Patricia takes good care of her guests and recommends and facilitates tours to visit the interesting places and gives additional background information. We had breakfast and dinner and both were very good. Guests should keep in mind that it is a guesthouse with reasonable prices and not a four star hotel. Then it is highly recommended to stay some days in Banko.

Karl Heinz

A few days in paradise
A lovely guesthouse with stunning surroundings, charming rooms, and a very friendly and helpful staff. Patricia and Anokye showed me around the village Banko and offered me a glimpse of the Ghanaian way of life. They were always available if I needed anything or had any questions. I especlally enjoyed the conversations about Ghanaian culture, and the workshop traditional cooking.


The differences and similarities between the multi-day Ashanti tours

With all options you arrive at Moon&Star the day before the tour, so that we can really start on day 1. Dinner and your overnight stay are included in the price.

The 5-day trip through Ashanti is of course the most extensive. You will climb a mountain, go to the craft villages, visit Kumasi and the traditional shrines. The waterfalls and the jungle of Bomfobiri are on the itenary as well as participating in the Traditional cooking class.

The 4-day trip is almost the same as the 5-day trip, but we won’t visit Kumasi.

During the 3-day trip you will climb the mountain, participate in the Traditional Cooking class, visit the craft villages and Bomfobiri.

With all options you will enjoy a picnic at a waterfall and we end with a delicious BBQ and bonfire.


The trips through Ashanti-Ghana are completely arranged and yet very competitively priced

Everytime I go to Ghana, I pass here <3
Clean place, very beautifully made rooms, simple but perfect, great staff, garden to relax, good food and perfect base to do day trips (I used to do hikes to the Holy Mountain, it’s just 2 hours & while walking you pass local villages and beautiful nature), easy to reach Kumasi (but lovely you can sleep out of the busy city and its noises). And booking a room here, you know the money is also invested in the community of Banko, which I find important. I highly recommend this place! 5 stars X 100000!

Hannah Boakye


The prices are based on a participation of at least 2 people. If you want to book the Ashanti tour while traveling solo, please contact us for the price!

The prices include: overnight stays, including overnight stay the day before the start, meals (including the picnic, cooking class and BBQ), drinking water, transportation, entrance fees and the guide.

Lunch in Kumasi, the trip to Moon&Star guesthouse and the drinks consumed during the trip are not included.

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