Spend your Christmas in Ghana at


Enjoy your x-mas in Ghana at Moon&Star

Are you in Ghana this Holiday season?

Do you love great food and nice company?

Do you like to be surrounded by nature?

Do you prefer small, intimate parties?

A place where you can chat and be yourself?

Spend Christmas 2021 with us at Moon&Star guesthouse!

X-mas in Ghana at Moon&Star guesthouse

Where, when, what?

Where: Moon&Star guesthouse at Banko, Ashanti

When: 24-26 December (of course you can come and go on another date, let me know on the form)

What: A Christmas gathering for 13 people maximum (2 spots are already booked). Families are welcome!
On the 24th I will serve a simple dinner. On Christmas day we will have breakfast, lunch and a diverse dinner buffet. No worries when you are vegetarian, vegan or have other dietary wishes!
Our surroundings are beautiful and very suitable for walks or hikes. If you just want to relax, that’s great too. There is a swimming pool nearby.
Most of the staff will be off so that they can also enjoy their Holidays, so if you would like to help around the kitchen, you’re welcome!


For as long as I remember Christmas has always been about family & friends for me. Back in the Netherlands and also in Ghana. When I heard of friends spending the Holidays alone, I invited them.
And in Ghana, in normal times, my parents will visit and friends will come.
Just now I was thinking about this year’s X mas, another one without my parents and I realized there must be more people in Ghana missing their loved ones.
People, or maybe families who don’t like big loud parties with people they don’t know.
So here’s my idea; Moon&Star guesthouse is famous for making people feel at home. Besides that our food is great.
So let’s have a wonderful Christmas together!

merry christmas in Ghana

What are the costs to spend our Christmas at Moon&Star guesthouse?

The costs are GHS 500,00 per person, including dinner on the 24th, breakfast, lunch and Christmas dinner on the 25th and breakfast on the 26th of December. When you come as a couple the price is GHS 400,00 per person. Children 0-4 free, children 5-12 GHS 250,00 per child.

Book before the 18th of December and receive 10% discount!!