A blog post in which I reminisce about former Moon&Star volunteers and where I also answer the frequently asked question regarding the age limit for volunteering in Ghana via Moon&Star guesthouse.

An abandoned guesthouse. Okay, not completely deserted… There are friends who normally stay in Accra. Voluntary quarantine. We can go out, but we don’t. We don’t complain because we’ll get through our days.
The meeting point for the lockdown crew is the kitchen, where we cook, chat, play with the kids and reminisce.

Memories… that’s where the inspiration for this blog stems from. Honestly, when all days are a bit the same, it is sometimes difficult to find a topic for a blog post.

In the early years of Moon&Star guesthouse we mainly had volunteers as guests and occasionally a tourist found us. Luckily we also hosted many local guests. Are you curious which guests are coming now? I wrote a blog about that some time ago.

The minimum age to volunteer with us in Ghana is 17 years

The age of the youngest volunteers who came to Ghana via us is 17 years. How nice it was here in the house with Natasja, Rolf and Iris. At the same time we had the Norwegian writer Espen as our guest. Espen and I, Patricia were pretty much the mom and dad of the couple. But young and hip parents of course;)
As I write it I remember one time I went snake hunting with Espen… Why? I don’t know… But it did produce a video…

Can I also come by myself to volunteer in Banko, Ghana?

Sometimes volunteers come alone, which is fine, because team Moon&Star is there for you. We have also hosted families who came to volunteer. Many friends or fellow students, but also couples and couples in love.

So there was a super sweet Belgian couple. Both teacher and they came to help in the Children’s home. One day the man asked team Moon&Star and also the children from the children’s home for help because he was going to ask his sweetheart to marry him! Luckily she said yes and they have just born their second child.

Age limit for volunteering. These ladies volunteered several times with us

What is the maximum age for volunteers?

As mentioned before, Moon&Star guesthouse has an enormous mix of guests. In our early years, I think it was 2011/2012 we had 3 great volunteers in their 60s.
The 2 men have arranged that the Senior Highschool in our village, Bankoman SHS, is equipped with electricity and the lady in the party has realized an ICT room at the Junior Highschool. And also these people have made beautiful collective memories.
I remember one evening we did an improvisation play and my colleague at the time first thought what on earth are they doing. But after a while he joined in and we still talk and laugh about it.

Age limit for volunteering. This lady was in her 60's when she volunteered in Ghana

I also remember a very sweet couple that came when my eldest child was just six months old. She was a ( recently) retired nurse and he was a retired teacher. Every day the teacher went to school wearing his multicoloured sneakers. And when they came home they wanted to play with my son so that I could get some rest. So you see… Moon&Star guesthouse is really more than just a guesthouse.

I can keep on sharing stories…

Writing this blog has put a smile on my face and I hope reading it will do the same to you. I can still share countless stories, so many come to mind now… Who knows, maybe another nostalgic blog will follow…

Those 2 lovely Dutch ladies who actually want to come again this year… The Belgian ‘team Ghana’, students whose successors Belgium meets Ghana were supposed to come this month….

I remember the fun ladies with whom we made an entire Christmas photo album. 2 very nice nurses came to join these ladies and those same nurses are working in the frontline care in the Netherlands at the moment. Respect!

And Christmas with super nice volunteers. Parties, farewell parties at the childrens home, but also sad events like funerals.

I appreciate all the contact with former volunteers and guests. Thank you so much for thinking of us! Feel free to share your ultimate Moon&Star memory below this blog or on social media.

Would you also like to volunteer at Moon&Star guesthouse?

As you could see in this blog the age limit for volunteering in Ghana via us is quite flexible. We care about sustainability, not age.

For now we have our memories and we hope you will be able to come back soon so that even more collective Moon&Star guesthouse memories can be created. Click here for more information about volunteering at Moon&Star guesthouse.

Greetings from Ghana,