“Look at how the front window is taped together”, says one of our volunteers. We are on our way to Kumasi, Ghana’s second city. Kumasi AKA the Garden city is vastly stretched over many hills.

Guestblogger Assan Dickson wrote an extensive article about the culture and background of Kumasi, click here to read it!

A day trip to the city should be part of your schedule when you visit Moon&Star guesthouse and the Ashanti region. Unless you really don’t like busy cities. It is part of our volunteer program, but also when you are at Moon&Star as a tourist, we are happy to organize an excursion to Kumasi for you.

I like to go with guests from time to time. It is nice to see Kumasi through different eyes, to hear what surprises visitors since African life has gotten normal for me. Like the broken windshield of Charles’, but also the scent of the city and the enormous activity in Kumasi.

Since the beginning of Moon&Star guesthouse I’ve been taking the volunteers to Kumasi, especially for practical matters such as ATM’s, internet and supermarkets. I showed them some of the city, but there was not much time for that. But time changed, also in Ghana. We have internet on the smart phone, ATM’s and more luxurious groceries are close to home at Effiduase. So it was high time for a new Kumasi itenary.

We start the day at Manhyia palace, this is where the king of the Ashanti lives. If you want to learn more about the history of the Ashanti people, then a visit to the museum is recommended. Once every 42 days there is a festival, Akwisadea. If you are in the area of ​​Kumasi at that time, it is certainly worth the trouble to visit. After the tour and a visit to the souvenir shop, where many books are for sale, we continue our way.

We let Charles drop us on Roman Hill, from where we enter the busy city center on foot. Ashanti’s are real traders and everywhere you look someone is selling something. We walk down a hill and arrive at Central market, which we will cross. My guests want the short route, so we pass the meat and vegetables section and a piece of the clothing section. I found a suitable 2nd hand black skirt and we move away from the crowds.

Part of Kejetia Market

We move on to the Cultural center, an oasis of peace in a bustling city. It starts to rain a little but that doesn’t matter because we are going to have lunch at Ike’s cafe. The cultural center is a beautiful green park with a museum, shops and workshops, where you can see how various Ghanaian objects are made. There are potters and woodworkers among others. During the summer months (July and August) there is a nice fair.

Ike’s cafe at the Cultural center in Kumasi

After shopping and eating we find Charles, who has found his way through the traffic of Kumasi and we continue to our last destination of today, Kumasi mall. Kumasi has many faces and many places that are worth visiting. It is a world city. We decided to go shopping in the big air conditioned supermarkets before we go home. I take the opportunity to stock up on lots of different types of veggies.

Would you also like to visit Kumasi?

We are happy to arrange a driver or guide for you during your stay at Moon&Star guesthouse.

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