I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I, proud owner of Moon&Star guesthouse, am a big fan of Ghana as holiday destination. There are many reasons that I can go on and on about indefinitely. But in this blog I will limit myself to the top 10 in random order. After that, I’ll give you my top 7 sights in Ghana that you shouldn’t skip during your trip!

The 10 reasons of Moon&Star guesthouse to travel to Ghana for holidays

Everyone has different desires and preferences, including for holiday destinations. Do you like cold weather, don’t like flying and don’t like exploring. Then Ghana is not the next holiday destination for you.
But Ghana is a great destination within the African continent that is not often thought of as a holiday location. Hence this blog with 10 reasons why Ghana is a nice country to explore.

1. Ghana is very suitable to travel around on your own

In contrast to many African countries, Ghana is very suitable to be traveled independently. By travelling by public transport you have the opportunity to get to know the country in a completely different way than when you rent a car during your holiday.
Keep in mind that travelling by public transport takes more time.
In other words, if you have limited time and want to visit as many different places of interest as possible during your vacation, then I definitely recommend you to rent a car or book an organized trip.

I wrote a series of blog posts about public transport in Ghana.

2.English is the official language in Ghana

Of course there are plenty of tourists who speak French, but I often hear that the visitors of Ghana like the fact that the official language in Ghana is English. Keep in mind that the English that is spoken in the US or Britain sounds a bit different than the English that is spoken here in Ghana.
Especially during the first days of the trip, it can be difficult to understand the Ghanaians and vice versa.

3.The Ghanaian people are very friendly and hospitable

During your trip through Ghana you will certainly experience how helpful and hospitable Ghanaians are. They help where they can with transport, but also with searching for hotels and restaurants.

4.There is an incredible diversity in Ghana

Huge variety of local languages, landscapes differ per region, what one eats is different per region and also the main religion differs per region in Ghana. All this makes Ghana a wonderfully diverse holiday destination.

5.Sun, sea and beaches in Ghana

Ghana has beautiful beaches and a lovely warm climate. The coast of Ghana is very beautiful and again diverse. However, not every beach is suitable to be visited.
There are nice beaches in Keta, Ada Foah, Kokrobite, Accra, Cape Coast, Winneba and Busua.
Inform yourself before setting off to the beach avoid any surprises. For example, Keta beach is very quiet, while Labadi beach in Accra can be very crowded.

6.Jungle in Ghana

You’ll find beautiful jungle in Ghana. The most known jungle of Ghana is Kakum national park, where you can cross via canopy walks through the treetops. But did you know that there is also a lot of jungle to explore in other areas of Ghana? For instance, the area around Moon&Star guesthouse is rich in forests.

7.Spot wildlife in Ghana

Besides visiting the jungle and the beach, you can also spot elephants and wildlife on the savannah in the north of Ghana. That makes Ghana a great holiday destination for safaris as well. The safari in Ghana is also very affordable.
I recently wrote a blog about elephant and wildlife spotting in Mole park, Ghana.

8.Hiking trips in Ghana

Do you like hiking in beautiful nature, climbing mountains and birdwatching? Then Ghana is once again the place to travel to! The months February and March are slightly less suitable for a hiking holiday in Ghana due to the heat.

Moon&Star guesthouse offers 3-, 4- and 5-day trips in our area. During these complete Ashanti tours we show you our beautiful surroundings, hiking is a big part of these special packages. Click here for more information.

9.Ghana has beautiful waterfalls

Waterfalls! Who doesn’t like them? Ghana has several that you can visit. The more popular Kintampo Falls, the Boti Falls and the Wli Falls in the Volta. But there are also less known, but certainly not less beautiful waterfalls. For example the 2 waterfalls at Bomfobiri Wildlife sanctuary or the Tsenku Falls.
Some waterfalls fall dry in the dry season!

10.Ghana is rich in culture

Ghana has a very rich culture. Many traditions, the traditional belief and the connected shrines, there are also many festivals that you can visit during your holiday. In addition, the Ghanaians love to sing, dance and share knowledge. The hospitable nature of the Ghanaians means that as a traveller in Ghana you really have the chance to be part of the community for a while.


  1. Kwahu
    Surprising and versatile Kwahu, check out the blog I wrote here!
  2. Discover the Volta
    The Volta is a beautiful area. Green, hilly, water. Contact me for a very special back to basics experience near the Wli Falls. Please note, this is for adventurers only!
  3. Bomfobiri WS
    All aspects of Ghana’s nature combined in one park. Enjoy a versatile and adventurous hike along 2 waterfalls near Moon&Star guesthouse. Click here to read more about this excursion!
  4. The slave forts in Elmina and Cape Coast
  5. Lake Bosumtwi
  6. The surroundings of Begoro
    Beautiful surroundings for walking. Ras Asante would love to take you there, click here to read more!
  7. Mole NP

Would you like to go on holiday to Ghana?

Just do it!
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