According to our vision volunteering abroad is a form of sustainable tourism that allows the traveler to stay at one place for a longer period of time and to be a part of the community, to learn and to experience without having a negative impact on the community.

In writing it sounds really nice, but what exactly does this vision entail? What are we doing to avoid the negative impact? What are we doing to make sure that you do participate in the community while being a volunteer? What can a volunteer learn from staying at Banko and Moon&Star?

What is there to learn as a volunteer at Banko, Ghana?

The main problem of volunteering abroad is that one wants to make things ‘better’ in a culture that is not theirs. Once you realize that the biggest reason for doing good is actually doing something for yourself, a whole new world opens.

A world where you don’t think how ‘happy’ people are with so little. A world where you observe, experience and participate. A world where you learn rather than judge and ‘improve’ a whole culture just because it’s different than yours.

What steps is Moon&Star guesthouse taking to avoid negative impact on the community?

When you decide to join Moon&Star’s sustainable volunteering program in Ghana we will guide you with the practical stuff, like invitations for you Visa, advice on vaccinations and on what to bring to Ghana. Besides that we developed a preparation program for future volunteers.

This program contains questions and prompts on different subjects, like Ghana, food, picture taking, judgement, white privilege etc. The volunteer program is self reflecting, you have to do some research and it starts a conversation between us, as volunteer and guide.

The program teaches you to recognize stereo types and white privilege. When you complete the program you know how to handle yourself here in Ghana as a volunteer, but also on Social media and on blogs.

How are you as a volunteer in Ghana going to be a part of the community?

You are staying at a hostel that is managed by a Dutch woman, but we have a lot of colleagues who come from Banko. First of all they like sharing about life and want to show you everything there is to know.

Then you have your colleagues and the kids at the volunteer projects with whom you can converse.

Besides that we made a volunteer program which doesn’t only include your work at the volunteer projects and nice trips, it also contains other activities like a weekly African cooking workshop in the village.

We realize that the journey from orphanage voluntourism to ethical and sustainable volunteering and tourism in Ghana won’t be simple and easy.

As a volunteer organisation we take responsibility and we will continue to grow and learn. In our volunteer programs there is ample time to evaluate with the volunteers, but more importantly we continue to communicate with our local leaders and the staff at the volunteer projects.

Our Ghana Volunteer program is the cheapest and most complete program in Ghana

We want to give you the best possible Ghana experience, so that when you get back home you feel that you got to know more about the beautiful country, the people and their customs.

Besides that we want you to enjoy everything that Moon&star has to offer: relaxing atmosphere, amazing food, great hospitality, breath taking surroundings and the company of other guests, the staff and Pat.

Looking for a nice way to spend your Gap Year? Are you interested in learning, experiencing and enjoying? Sign up through the booking form or send us a mail.