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oon&Star guesthouse organises tailor-made tours in Ghana as a bonus to a 4 day Ashanti tour


Would  you like to have some help with the organisation of your trip in Ghana? Of course you can also leave everything up to us! Read more about team Moon&Star on the about us page.

Patricia has 20 years of travel experience in Ghanaian anytime and loves to put this experience into practice. Moon&Star guesthouse has been organizing beautiful Ghana trips for 12 years now. We show you the highlights, but we also take you off the beaten track.

Experience has taught us which routes are achievable and beautiful. Travelling in Ghana is not the same as travelling in Europe.

20 years experience

20 years of experience

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What means of transport do we use during a Moon&Star Ghana vacation?

This depends on your wishes and budget. We work together with car rental companies (rental always includes driver), local drivers and local guides.

If you want to see as much as possible in a short time then it is useful to book a tour with car and driver. How luxurious the car is totally depends on your desires and budget.

It is also possible to do some sections of your Ghana tour with local transport and other parts with a car and driver. This is very nice when you have more time.

Whatever you choose, you will always receive an E book with a very detailed travel description of your dream vacation in Ghana a few weeks before departure.

“What a lot of fun and for now already so organized! I’ve never been on vacation like this before, it’s like we really don’t have to do anything anymore and can just enjoy ourselves”.

From a satisfied customer after receiving the E book

It is my wish that every traveller gets to know  Ghana. Authenticity, sustainability and small scale are the core values.


We work completely transparant to your budget.

We charge €0,= for organizing your trip, when you book a 4-day Ashanti tour for a minimum of 2 people. This bonus is worth €200.00!

This is what you get when you call in our expertise:

• We take all your wishes into account
• Quotes for hotels, entrance fees and meals
• Accommodation booking
• Arranging a car with driver in accordance with your wishes
• Arranging a guide if necessary
• E book with detailed travel itinerary
• Itineraries for the driver/guide
• Patricia is available for questions and remarks during the entire trip
• We provide the necessary documents for the visa application
• Advice on vaccinations, what to take with you and other preparations

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Book a 4 day Ashanti tour for 2 people and we organize your Ghana tour for free!!




Frequently asked questions about Ghana tours

What is the approximate cost of a trip through Ghana?

This depends greatly on the wishes for your trip through Ghana. If you want to use a 4×4 car with air conditioning for 2 persons, the costs of the trip will be higher than if you want to explore the country with local transportation. But for a trip with 2 persons of about 2 weeks with your own transport you can expect an amount between €1600 and €2600. This includes transport, entrance fees and accommodation for 2 people. The price does not include ticket, visa and insurance.
If you are travelling with more people in a car and driver, the price per person will be reduced.


What about payments?

When you have finalised your booking and paid for the Ashanti tour, we will start working for you. Team Moon&Star will work out the route in detail, arrange the airport service, transport, book the accommodations and send the booking confirmation that you can use for the visa application for Ghana.
You may have to pay a deposit for the car, but otherwise you make all payments yourself in Ghana.



Moon&Star guesthouse is into sustainability and slow travel and organising short tours does not fit with our beliefs. Besides, we like to get to know our guests and that goes better when the guest is here for several days.

Any hesitations about touring Ghana with Moon&Star guesthouse?

Are you hesitating? Feel free to send us an e-mail orWhat's app message! You can also take a look on our blog page, where you can read many informative and fun articles


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