Banko is a traditional Ashanti village. The Ashanti region is situated in the center of Ghana. It is easy to reach using local transportation from Kumasi. In about 2 hours you will get to Banko. Another option is to take an Uber from Kumasi to Banko. The roads are reasonably well. Only halfway it could use some maintenance, but that’s one of the charms of traveling in Africa.

Banko is five hours traveling from Accra, but when you use public transport the journey will be longer. However, it depends on the time it will take for the bus to fill with passengers. Since you don’t have to go to Kumasi to reach our traditional Ashanti village, it might be wise to check our website for directions or use Google Maps.

Banko center

Banko is a typical Ghanaian village, there are about 5000 inhabitants. There are a number of stores in Banko where you can buy a variety of products.

This traditional Ashanti village is situated between beautiful mountains. The environment is very green, even during raining season. This makes the surroundings very suitable for nice hikes. There are lots of special birds to spot as well and you can even climb the mountains.

The area around Banko is great for hiking, birdwatching and climbing

Over the past 15 years there has been a lot of growth, especially in social securities. The Dutch foundation ‘Crossing borders for Ghana’ has helped the town significantly. They have cooperated with the local leaders and facilitated a clinic, a maternity ward, an orphanage and good schools for the locals. The surrounding villages can also profit from these facilities.

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