We like to offer our guests the opportunity to experience, learn and be part of the local community. Tell me, is there a better way to get to know someone than when you cook together and get to watch them in the kitchen? Team Moon&Star lovingly organizes a traditional African cooking workshop.

If I don’t eat fufu, I didn’t eat

That’s what the Ashanti’s say…. Fufu is a staple food, there are different ways to prepare it, with cassava and plantain, with cocoyam and cassava or from yam. Yam fufu is not very common in Ashanti. Basically you have to cook the cassava and plantain, after that they are mashed and turned into a dough ball. The process requires strength and skill.

Mmmmmmmm a ball of dough made out of plantain and cassava, how can that be nice?

Well, it will surprise you! The fufu is served with a delicious soup prepared by yourself and the team. We have a lot of experience cooking for and with travelers.

People eat fufu with palm nut, peanut or tomato-pepper soup. We usually cook peanut soup with our guests. If you are vegetarian or vegan you can just participate in the workshop. We are great at adapting our recipes to different dietary needs or preferences.

Want to get started yourself in your kitchen? Click here for the recipe for our delicious peanut soup!


Yes of course you may indicate your preference! Would you prefer to learn how we make ampesi, banku or reddit. Be sure to indicate that with your reservation!
If you do choose fufu please know that we always have rice balls (Omo Tuo) as a back up. For some people it is quite difficult to get used to the consistency of fufu.

When will you be visiting Moon&Star guesthouse and participating in the traditional African cooking workshop?

Please let us know at least one day in advance when you want to participate in the workshop. The cost is 5 Euro on top of the normal dinner price.
When you booked an Ashanti tour the workshop traditional African cooking is part of the program.