Part of our vision is that we want our guests to have the possibility to experience , learn and be part of the community of Banko. And what better way is there to get to know someone than being in their kitchen? Moon&Star provides the opportunity to take part in African cooking classes given by a local family at Banko.

If I don’t eat fufu, I didn’t eat

That’s what the Ashanti’s say…. Fufu is a staple food, there are different ways to prepare it, with cassava and plantain, with cocoyam and cassava or from yam. Yam fufu is not very common in Ashanti. Basically you have to cook the cassava and plantain, after that they are mashed and turned into a dough ball. The process requires strength and skill.

Mmmmmmmm a ball of dough made out of plantain and cassava, how can that be nice?

Well, you are going to be surprised!! The fufu comes with an amazing soup, cooked by yourself and your host Janet Frimpomma, aka Obechem. Obechem has been cooking with foreigners for almost 20 years. She’s the most amazing host and she makes the best soups!!

Fufu is served with palmnut, groundnut or light soup. Normally our guests prepare groundnutsoup with Obechem. No problem if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, Obechem knows how to handle any dietary wishes!

So, what’s keeping you from visiting Moon&Star guesthouse and booking a traditional African cooking lesson??

Please note that you should book the traditional cooking workshop at least a day ahead and there’s an extra fee of 3 Euro on top of the normal dinner price.
When you are volunteering through Moon and Star, this African cooking workshop is a weekly event (no extra fee) and you’ll learn how to make other Ghanaian dishes besides fufu.