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Moon and Star Guesthouse is a small budget hotel in Banko, inland of Ghana. We are located 48 km from Kumasi in a calm village surrounded by nature. Come and relax for a few days, explore the amazing mountains and nature of Banko or let us take you on an unforgettable tour through Ghana!

You can also enjoy our affordable long stay rates!

More than just a Guesthouse
Moon&star guesthouse Ashanti Ghana

Hi, I’m Pat, Your host at Moon&Star guesthouse

About 20 years ago I dreamed of creating an oasis of peace near Kumasi, Ghana. But also a place where we can actively participate in local life and where we can support beautiful projects. Read more about our social mission in our blog.

A hostel in Ghana surrounded by beautiful nature, yet easily accessible. A guesthouse where everyone who travels through Ghana feels good, where it is cozy, where you can enjoy delicious food and drink, nature and where everyone feels at home and can be himself. With great pride I can say that we have succeeded!

In December 2020 Moon&Star guesthouse organised Nick and Iris’ Ghana tour. This as a bonus when they booked the 5-day Ashanti tour with us. Iris and Nick travelled with local transportation, they used tro tro, coaches, tuc tuc’s and an occasional taxi or Uber. Team Moon&Star made their itinerary, booked their accommodations, arranged a few tourguides and provided an E-book that contained all the details about their 4-week trip. They made a video that gives a nice impression of their amazing journey in Ghana.

Tour Ghana with us!

Banko women center, social mission

Social Mission

In the more than 10 years of Moon&Star guesthouse’s existence, we have been a supporting and encouraging force for the NGO “Crossing borders for Ghana”  and we have supported many short term projects.

In 2021, together with the aforementioned foundation, we started a long-term project, the Banko Women Center. 
Banko Women Center focuses on improving the situation and empowering women in Banko, Ghana. 
We are in the process of setting up a training center, but also organize sports classes and discussion groups.

You can help us by donating or volunteering! 



“It’s a beautiful place, very cosy and gorgeous food.
A perfect place to relax, explore and near a village you’ll love.”

Silvia Segovia

“Moon and star guesthouse is a beautiful place in Ghana. The staff and the owner Patricia are great. The accomodation is clean and it is a joy to sit outside. The service is very good.
Patries knows a lot of Ghana and all its beautiful places. She helps with planning trips and a lot more.
Our stay was great, thanks!”


Wendy Cuijnen

Long term stay

Are you interested in a long term stay as a digital nomad, volunteer or because you want to broaden your horizon during your gap year or sabbatical?

From 4 weeks stay at Moon&Star guesthouse you can make use of a reduced rate. For €85.00 per week you get your own room, drinking water and 3 meals per day!


room in Moon&star guesthouse Ghana

“The staff is incredibly friendly(: Stayed here for three weeks while volunteering at a
childrens home and school just up the road.
Lovely outside terrace where you can have a nice cold beer in the evenings.
Absolutely would recommend staying or volunteering here!”

Sari Roemer

Sustainable Philosophy

Sustainability is very important to us. Not only ecological sustainability; we make eco bricks, buy locally as much as possible, have a vegetable garden and use solar energy.

But also social sustainability. This is reflected in our social mission, the fact that we use local transport and always consult local leaders.

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