Team Moon&Star loves food, Ghanaian food and especially good food. We also love to prepare food and to serve amazing dishes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you will see some nice creations from our kitchen from time to time. We don’t work with a menu from which you can order, mainly because Banko is a wonderful and intimate community, but has limited dining options. Moon&Star guesthouse works with a fixed menu. Of course you can express your preferences or dietary requirements. And we gladly adjust our recipes when you are vegan or vegetarian.

Since Moon & Star guesthouse does not have a menu card, what do you serve? And do you only serve Ghanaian food?

This is a frequently asked question. Our restaurant serves homemade Ghanian food as well as a variety of international dishes. Team Moon&Star knows better than anyone that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Our food is ‘famous’ among travelers in Ghana. Guests can also attend the workshop ‘traditional cooking at Obechem in the village or enjoy our delicious BBQ.


Moon&Star breakfast and lunch

The breakfast we serve is extensive and varied. Every day a different combination of the following dishes; pancakes, fruit, muesli, cornflakes, home-baked bread, French toast, various egg dishes, grandma’s 3-in-the-pot, fresh scones, muffins and so on.

Lunch is something surprising every day and it varies from a delicious sandwich, to stuffed cucumber and Ghanaian dishes such as waakye.

We are very good at assessing the taste of our guests, in other words we know what we can offer you. Even though Ghanaian food is quite spicy, we season our dishes so that everyone can handle the pepper level. Our goal is that you fully enjoy your stay at Moon & Star, and certainly the meals.

Moon&Star dinner

You have such limited resources and yet you manage to serve a variety of dishes! What is Moon&Star’s secret?

Lot’s of guests ask this question as well. The answer is really simple. Team Moon&Star has a passion for food, is creative and talented. Besides that we also want to eat delicious food ourselves;) .

“Very nice place, Patricia and the staff are very kind and ready to accommodate the guests’ requests. For instance, having vegan food was never a problem.

Rooms’ rates are very reasonable. A cozy place to lodge in when touring across the country, a great place for residents, where to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities over the weekend.”

Gianluca Floris

A peek into our kitchen – The 10 favorite dishes of our guests

  1. Mpoto poto– A stew of yam (our potato) and a spicy tomato sauce. We usually make this dish vegetarian and it is by far the number 1 according to many guests. Mpoto poto is a dish from the Volta region, Ashanti’s prepare it as well, but then from plantain and they use a lot of oil.
  2. Yam with a beef stew– Cooked yam served with a beef and vegetables stew, we serve a nice fresh salad at the side. This dish is a created by me. Tomato sauce is something that is widely used in Ghana. A different taste every once in a while is very nice.
  3. Yollof rice– A delicious spicy tomato rice, the rice is cooked in a tomato stew. We serve the yollof with chicken / fish and a fresh salad. Yollof rice is widely cooked in both Ghana and Nigeria, there is even a ‘battle’ where the tastiest yollof comes from. We know it! From the kitchen of Moon & Star, cooked by Justice or Bismark.
  4. Red red– A bean stew served with fried plantain. This Ghanaian dish is easy to find at the coastal areas. The name comes from the ripe / red plantain in combination with a bean stew prepared with red palm oil. In our kitchen we hardly use red palm oil.
  5. The Moon & Star version of light soup – A delicious soup filled with the vegetables that are available. Sometimes we add chicken or fish, but more often this soup is vegetarian. This soup can be served with many Ghanaian (side) dishes, such as fufu, banku, rice ball or gariba. We always choose a side dish from which we know that it will be appreciated by our guest.
  6. Homemade lasagna – mmmmmm, also a favorite, but definitely not Ghanaian recipe from us! Lots of work, but also very tasty. Vegetable lasagna with spinach and bechamel, sometimes with minced meat.gehakt.
  7. Gari foto– Gari is a very versatile ingredient, it is dried and ground cassava. In this case we make it into a kind of couscous, baked with an onion and tomato, we serve the gari with lots of veggies and a spicy tomato sauce.
  8. Omo tuo– A classic Ghanaian recipe. Rice balls with a delicious rich groundnut soup with or without fish / chicken.
  9. Noodles – Before I moved to Ghana I didn’t like noodles, I thought they were kind of boring. Until I tasted the noodles of one of my colleagues here. Wonderfully seasoned and filled with vegetables. Our guests agree with me, which is why the noodles have a place in their top 10.
  10. Yam balls– Last but certainly not least. We cook and mash the yam with nice spices, shape them into small balls which we fry with some batter. Amazing!! We serve the yam balls with veggies, a sald and some fish or chicken.

Do you love Ghanaian food? If so, what is your favorite dish? Let us know in the comments!

Our colleagues from The Ghana Traveller organize super fun Food tours in Ghana. An ideal combination to see more of beautiful Ghana in combination with cooking workshops and behind the scenes trips to farms etc. In other words, amazing trips with ‘Food’ as theme . You can discuss with The Ghana Traveler to end your Food tour at Moon & Star guesthouse so that you can enjoy the top 10 of Ghanaian food with us afterwards. For more info about the Food tour click here.

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