When people visit Moon&Star guesthouse or send a message one of the first questions is usually; What can we do while staying with you? So it’s high time to write a blog about that. In this blog you will see many links leading to more detailed blogs about the various attractions in our area.

For those who prefer to get away from tourist hubs or Kumasi, small towns such as Mampong and Ejisu could also serve as a base for exploring Ashanti, as could the likeable Moon and Star Guesthouse in Banko

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Using the Guesthouse as a home base there are several things you can see and do in and around Kumasi. The environment is very beautiful and the people are friendly, so you can always go for a walk. In this blog, you will find some tips of places worth seeing and doing. Of course, we are willing to arrange a guide or help you with the preparations.


Really recommended!! Definitely worth avoiding the crowds and unwinding at the Moon & Star guesthouse. There is also plenty to do for the adventurer.
The location of the guesthouse is beautiful and has a nice view of the mountains. The challenging hikes, a visit to the waterfalls, strolling around the village and relaxing in the courtyard or in the hammocks provide a perfect alternation between relaxation, activities and culture.

From the first day, Pat, her family and the staff give you a warm welcome, making it immediately feel like a ‘home’. You can go there with all your questions or just have a nice chat. She is also happy to help you plan your trip further.

In addition, as far as the food is concerned, I continued to be surprised by the varied selection. A fantastic meal was put on the table for vegetarians, vegans and guests with special dietary requirements or allergies.
Thanks to the good care and a very nice stay, I had 5 fantastic weeks in Banko, which I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Moon & Star is on my list from now on and I will definitely come back here.
Medasi (Thank you!)

In this blog we have listed some tips for excursions in the area that are definitely worthwhile. We can arrange a guide or driver for you if you wish and of course help you prepare.

What to do in and around Banko on foot

Banko is a very warm and welcoming town. It’s really easy to immerse yourself in the local community, you can take part in the Traditional cooking lesson, visit the Women center, go to the farm with a local. Ghanaians are big soccer fans, if you like you can go to soccer pratice or go and watch a Champions league match. We are happy to join you for all of the above or give you a tour of the village.

Moon&Star is surrounded by amazing mountains and nature, so besides being a great base for tourists who are interested in African culture, we are also a great place to stay for hikers, birdwatchers and other nature lovers.

It’s possible to hike to and climb some of the mountains. Enjoy the amazing views from up there. We wrote a blog about visiting the Prayer mountain. From our garden, you can see beautiful birds and butterflies, and during a hike, you’ll meet even more. Are you more into reptiles, our surroundings are very suitable for herping as well. 

Daytrips from Banko

Craft villages

For visitors interested in the Ashanti culture, a visit to Ghana’s second city Kumasi will be nice. Check out our blog on Moon&Star’s excursion to Kumasi. As well as visiting the craft villages Adonwomase and Ntonso.

At Adonwomase guides will show you how to weave the traditional Kente, they will turn you into a King or Queen and they will take you to a cacao farm. At Ntonso you can learn everything about the traditional Adinkra stamps which are used to print fabrics. Did you know that Moon&star is also an Adinkra sign?

Visit the traditional shrines that are on Unesco’s world heritage list

One of the reasons why the shrines are on the world heritage list is that these shrines are the only surviving examples of traditional Ashanti architecture. Another reason is their spiritual significance. Most of the shrines are still actively used. We are happy to inform you about the do’s and don’ts when visiting the shrines.

Click here to read more about visiting the shrines in our environment

Visit the capital of the Ashanti region, Kumasi

Naturally the 2nd city of Ghana is worth a trip. There are several things that you can do in Kumasi. You can visit Manhyia Palace and learn more about the rich culture of the Ashanti’s, the biggest market of West Africa can be found in Kumasi. Go for a stroll and maybe lunch at the Cultural center. And shop for a bit, or enjoy the air conditioning at Kumasi mall.

Daytrips for nature lovers

At Bomfobiri WS you can have a great adventure, hiking on the rocky trails, passing rivers on fallen trees, spot crocodiles, monkeys and antilopes and swim at the base of one of the two waterfalls! In dry season it’s easier to spot animals like monkeys and during rain season you can swim. Click here to read our blog post about a trip to Bomfobiri WS

And another amazing place to be is Lake Bosumtwi. The surroundings are beautiful, you can swim in the lake, watch the local fisherman and even take a trail ride. If you go to the lake we recommend an overnight stay.

Whatever you decide to undertake while lodging at our affordable place, we are here to help and guide you.
Moon&Star will give you a real Ghanaian experience in only a few days. Check our great reviews on TripAdvisor!


Does it seem great to you to visit the above attractions, but you still find it a bit difficult? No worries! Moon&Star guesthouse offers fully organized weekend trips and 3,4 or 5 day Ashanti tours!

Discover Ashanti on the weekend!
We organize active cultural or nature weekend trips in Ashanti.
Every 1st and 3rd weekend you can join the culture weekend and every 2nd and last weekend of the month you can sign up for a nature weekend.


All meals and excursions are included in the price! And the best part is that while you are enjoying your weekend with us, you are supporting our social mission!
For everyone who books a nature or culture weekend with us, we donate €25.00 to the Banko women center.

We offer fully organized tours of “our” part of the undiscovered Ashanti region.
The Ashanti tours are easy to combine with other travel plans in Ghana you may have.
Moon&Star guesthouse is located on the route from Accra, Kumasi or the Volta to northern Ghana.

ENJOY YOUR fully arranged Ashanti tour FROM €229/GHS 2750 P.P*

All meals and excursions are included in the price! Moon&Star arranges everything. All you have to do is be there and enjoy! Adventurous excursions, beautiful scenery, relaxing accommodation and every Ashanti tour of Moon&Star guesthouse ends with a BBQ and bonfire

*Prices are based on minimum participation of 2 persons.

Great Ashanti tour

We did the 5-day Ashanti tour (instead of a shorter one) because we thought all the activities would be valuable to our experience of Banko and the surrounding area. It was really a fun tour! We visited exclusive places like traditional shrines and Prayer’s Mountain and learned a lot. It was nice to be accompanied by guides Justice and Lydia who, being familiar with the place, really added value to the conversations we had there. The hostess Pat is also wonderful. Together they make you feel welcome and make sure you will enjoy the stay. You can ask them anything.
Thanks again for all the wonderful experiences and the nice stay!