Take your chance to experience, learn and be part of a community in West Africa in a sustainable way by volunteering at Banko Women organization

Volunteering in Ghana


For individuals who want to make a difference while discovering the world

You would like to spend some time helping with a project abroad. You want to get away and do something for someone else in a nice climate. Discover a new country, but also give something back. So far, it hasn’t happened. Perhaps it has been difficult to get time off to realize this dream. It’s also not easy to find the right volunteer project from the large number on offer. You want to make a positive impact, of course. And perhaps you also find it a bit exciting to travel to a country in Africa.


volunteer Brit is pounding fufu
beautiful nature in Ghana

Imagine being in nice warm Ghana. That you wake up in the morning to village sounds. You walk into the garden and imagine yourself in paradise.
Imagine having a delicious breakfast every morning before you go to work.
You walk to the women’s center in 5 minutes after breakfast. The dogs accompany you and you have a beautiful view of the mountainous surroundings.
The women’s center is already bustling. The students gladly receive help, love a chat, and are also happy to help you with what is planned for today.
After a while, you are joined by Dutch Patricia in the office. And together you get to work. In the afternoon you walk back home satisfied, because you have raised a nice donation for the women in this Ghanaian village.

Banko women organization

Training | employment | equality

one of our students
Doris en Comfort showen hun nieuwe zelfgemaakte tasjes

Banko Women Organization focuses on improving the circumstances and empowering women in Banko, Ghana. The organization has 2 branches on which we focus. The women’s center where we offer various programs and which at the same time is a reliable and safe place where we can meet, learn and discuss. The other branch is Moon&Star guesthouse, for now, the place where we earn money so we can be self-sufficient. We do this from the proceeds of the guesthouse as well as selling products made by our students.

What is it exactly that we do at Banko women organization?

We offer the women of Banko and surrounding areas the opportunity for training, employment on the basis of equality and community.

Right now we have 2 training programs, a sewing workshop and a hairdressing school. Local women learn from local women. We also ensure that our students receive additional education on business, as well as health, housekeeping and how to deal with adversity.
There are currently 6 students working on their education. We deliberately chose to start small so that we as an organization can also learn from our mistakes as we continue to grow. And we have many plans!

Who are the behind-the-scenes people?

I write we all the time, but who exactly are we? The management team consists of myself, Patricia Zoer, Asabere Kingsley Anni and Dorcas Aachia. There is also our all Ghanaian board, except for myself. And we work together with the Dutch foundation ‘Over grenzen voor Ghana’ and the youth organization in Banko who also have an office in the same building as the women’s center.

Student Millicent op de naaimachine

As mentioned, we are self-sufficient. This is something we are very proud of since we only started the sewing workshop in December 2021. With that, sustainability is a very important aspect for us, and a project has to be self-sufficient to be sustainable.

But we have big plans

And those plans can be realized thanks to donations. We want to be able to offer so many more programs. And in the process increase the Banko Women organization community. It is so nice to see the students helping and assisting each other wherever they can!

The next step is an ICT center

Also in Ghana, everything is becoming more and more automated. Even our tax returns are done online. Yet few people have access to using computers. Smartphones are widespread. But not everything can be done over the phone.
The ICT center is not only going to be used by the women in Banko. Schools and youth will also have access. Now ICT classes are taught without computers. While a lot of technology companies are establishing themselves in Ghana. imagine if the youth from now on also have access to computers. Then the youth from Banko will also have a chance to get a good job in the city at a technology company!

Help out and give!

The target amount is €7500. From this we will secure the already existing room, we will install a solar system, buy computers and furniture and an internet router.

Book your volunteering experience!

As a volunteer at Banko Women organization you don’t pay anything for the experience or administration costs etc. You only pay for a preparation course and your accommodation and meals.

Book now and pay only €499,00 per month for a room and 3 delicious meals per day!

Would you like to become my temporary colleague at this amazing women’s center? In that case, sign up as a volunteer!

Last year we commenced preparations for Banko Women Organization. In December we actually launched the first training center. I work very closely with some amazing women. The ladies of team Moon&Star, the teachers, the board, and remotely with Anja.

I started this project with a lot of energy and I am amazed at how much fun it is to work here. The energy among ourselves is very nice and the work super varied. Of course, there are downsides, such as the administration….

But how fun it is to develop products, sell products in the guesthouse, raise funds, watch the students progress, and work together in a location other than the guesthouse.
I am also super happy that we have found a way to use everyone’s qualities in a sustainable way. In this project, as a foreigner, you can really contribute without having a negative impact.

We know that Banko Women organization is a great initiative. Last November, we also received recognition from outside. I received the following message from Columbus Travel magazine; “You have been nominated in the category ‘travel hero of the year’! Congratulations! Your work as a Ghana coach and the women’s center in your village shows in an inspiring way how tourism at the local level can be of invaluable economic and social value.”
So awesome this nomination! Recognition for the work we started from a passion.

help us on site in ghana!

Volunteering at Banko women organization is super diverse, you will be involved in fundraising, social media and blog content and product development, among other things.

Would you like to:
Come and volunteer in Ghana?
Help with a sustainable project?
Learn a lot about another culture?
Immerse yourself in the local community?
Doing beneficial work while enjoying a great accommodation?
Getting to know the local cuisine?
Not spend too much?
Travel, discover and share knowledge?


Are you:









Do you like:

To travel

To explore

To learn

To share knowledge


If so, you are the one we are searching for!

The traveler who realizes that Africa is a huge continent and that each country is authentic. A person who wants to contribute responsibly, wants to learn, exchange and experience. And in the process discover the beautiful mostly green Ghana. And of course, you want to have a lot of fun in the women’s center!



I'm coming to help!I would like to meet via Zoom first

I was surprised by the progression after each working day

“What I liked about it was that it was founded by Pat, a Dutch person with over 20 years of experience in Ghana and therefore, like me, has knowledge of both worlds.
By choosing Banko Women Organization, I knew that by means of the e-book and course I would get a good preparation for volunteering.

In addition, I felt it was important to work on a project where there is a lot of focus on social sustainability so you can be sure that you are true of value.”

“I was surprised by the progression after each working day. In the past, I have volunteered more often, including in developing countries, often questioning my role and contribution as a volunteer and to what extent you are helping people progress. Often the ideas were there but getting to an actual implementation was often difficult or did not happen.

This was not the case here. You could notice that both Patricia and Lydia work on the project with passion and really believe in it. When you then sit together in the office this is contagious. Everyone wants to move forward.”


Where do I end up volunteering?

Ghana is a beautifully diverse country. there is a lot of variety in nature and culture throughout the country. Beautiful coastline, the green watery volta region and safaris in the savannah-like north. We definitely encourage you to see more of Ghana while you’re here! We are happy to help you map out itineraries.

The village of Banko is located in a beautiful hilly area in the Ashanti region. The capital of Ashanti is Kumasi, a bustling city also known as Garden City. Kumasi is about 1.5 hours from Banko.

As a volunteer, you will normally stay in your own room with bathroom at Moon&Star guesthouse. On the property there are many beautiful places to relax; in the gardens, on the terrace and in the forest.

Team Moon&Star cooks delicious food for you, both from local and European cuisine and we try to incorporate your preferences into the menu as much as possible. Vegetarian or for example gluten-free cooking is no problem!

You certainly don’t work 40 hours and in your free time, you can do great hiking in the area, relax with a book or a movie. Help in the kitchen or have a chat with someone from the team. There is also a swimming pool within walking distance.

I came to Banko alone, but I never felt alone

For 2.5 months I was welcome to stay at Moon and Star. I felt very comfortable there. Patries is a super sweet woman who is always there for you! She is not only ready for you but also cooks delicious, together with her staff they are a top team! It is also very clean! I felt very much at home! I came to Banko alone, but I never felt alone. I look back on 2.5 wonderful months so that is why I definitely recommend passing by Moon and Star when you are in Ghana. Or in the case of what I did; volunteer!!! Banko is a nice village with sweet people who are all interested in what you are doing!


What am I going to be doing as a volunteer at this project in Ghana?

We could use your energy and help with fundraising, website and social media content and product development. But it could just be that you can help set up the next program . For fundraising you can think about applying for grants and setting up sponsorships. As a volunteer with us you work independently, the rest of the team is busy with other tasks. But don’t worry, we are of course happy to help you! There is room for several volunteers. So if you want to come with someone else, no problem!
In your free time there is plenty of room to explore beautiful Ghana. And did you know that there is a swimming pool within walking distance of Moon&Star guesthouse?

We strongly emphasize that volunteering abroad is an opportunity to learn, discover, exchange and explore. Once you let go of the idea that you are going to save the world, a whole new world will open up for you!


The minimum length of your volunteer stay is 4 weeks.

As a volunteer for Banko women organization, you do not pay for your volunteer experience. But you pay for accommodation and 3 meals a day. The cost is €499.00 per month.


Sustainability is very important to us and to ensure that you have more fun and impact during your time in Ghana, you will take an online course and receive an E-book to prepare. The investment for that is €45.00.

So in total you pay €544.00 for an amazing month in Ghana. Of course, you can also stay longer. The fee is €125,00 per week.

I'm coming to help!

Option for additional guidance and airport service

extra begeleiding vrijwilligerswerk ghana

.88I understand that it can be stressful to travel and volunteer in a place you don’t know.

That’s why I offer the option of extra guidance before departure and during your stay!

The extra guidance includes:

  • Visa application help and guidance
  • Airport service
  • Overnight stay in Accra
  • Travel to the project in Banko
  • Assistance during the trip to Banko
  • Extra guidance during your stay, think of extra explanation about transport, trips and in general.

The costs for this extra guidance are €399,00. With extra guidance, the cost for 1 month’s stay during the volunteer work is €899.00. Each additional week of stay costs €125.00.

Fill out the form below to sign up for a great time in Ghana as a volunteer for Banko Women organization!

Which option will you choose?

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Traveling and living with locals makes you more open to other customs and habits in another world, there but also at home.
Working at Banko Women center helped me a lot to develop this. Besides, Ghana is a great country and I would recommend everyone to visit!

Stijn, 19 years old

We understand that volunteering in Ghana is not for everyone, but if you think our project is as cool as we do…. Please help us with a donation. No matter how small or how big. Anything is helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising sounds complicated, can I be successful?

I thought the same thing when I was just starting out. I thought I must be a huge salesman. But nothing could be further from the truth! Often funds are already released by enthusiastically sharing about the great work we do. And together we find the way that suits you

Why should I opt for this project?

There are many other options for volunteering abroad. For example, you can choose a workaway project where you often get free board and lodging. But you may wonder if such a project can offer you what we offer in terms of accommodation, support and fun.

I would love to work with children in africa

That is possible, there are still several volunteer organizations that offer work with children. we have very consciously chosen not to do that anymore. We feel that it is not for nothing that many projects are seen in a negative light. First of all, there is the attachment issue when volunteers come and go.
And many projects exist because volunteering has become a business model.


No, as a volunteer with Banko Women organization you are mainly engaged in fundraising. This actually strengthens the local women!


As a volunteer, you come to Ghana to experience, learn and exchange. It is your experience, we will do our best to make it as special as possible. Your costs of living need to be covered. But you do not pay for the volunteer work.


As of 17 years of age, you are welcome to volunteer Banko Women Center. For the past 9 years, together with team Moon&Star, I have hosted volunteers from 17 to 68. In the end, an open attitude and a sustainable attitude have nothing to do with age!


Basically, you can buy everything the locals need in Ghana, usually cheaper than in the Netherlands. And when you buy locally, you stimulate the local economy! Read more about what to bring to Ghana in the Ebook you will receive, with a packing list!


When you come to volunteer, you can schedule your own time. Life in Ghana goes at a very different pace than what you are used to in the West. The first weeks you will gain a lot of new impressions and you will be busy slowing down.


There are a number of indicators such as;
When you don’t have much independent travel experience.
When you are very excited to travel to Banko by yourself.

You may make a Zoom appointment with me so that together we can see what you need!
Make an appointment