Banko women center, an initiative to empower the women from Banko and surroundings

Moon&Star guesthouse has always been a guesthouse with a social mission. We believe that every company should take social responsibility and contribute to society. It does not matter whether the company is located in an African or Western country.
In the more than 10 years that Moon&Star guesthouse exists, we have had an assisting and supporting role for the foundation Crossing Borders for Ghana and we have supported short-term projects.

If you want to read about our social mission up until now, please click here.

The Banko women center is a collective initiative of Moon&Star guesthouse and crossing borders for Ghana

As you may know, the largest project of this foundation is Anja’s children’s home. The children’s home exists since 2007. Since 2012 we have not taken in any new children even though social welfare wanted to place more children with us. But we wanted to ensure a good future for the children including good education.
We also saw that the fantastic foster parents who take care of the children on a daily basis are entitled to a peaceful retirement.

For years we have been talking about what next with the local stakeholders. Because we do want to stay involved in our community. We have learned a lot from the past and it is time for a more sustainable and in the end self sufficient project.

Anja’s children’s home will of course not stop just like that, but because many children are in further education and some have even finished, there is a lot of space available. The children’s home is now divided into 2 parts and Banko Women center and Anja’s children’s home share the building.

For Moon&Star guesthouse it’s the first time that we commit our time and energy to a large scale project on a very regular basis.

During the set up of Banko women’s center you can find Lydia and Pat at the office every Tuesday and Thursday. 






Banko Women Center wants to focus on improving women’s empowerment in a local area, located in Banko, Ghana. We want to achieve this by offering women a reliable and safe place where they can meet, learn, discuss and sell.

Our objective: “The full and equal participation of women in political, civil, economic, social and cultural life, by giving them the opportunity to take part in open conversations, extra education programs and locally based markets to sell their goods and services.”

To be more specific, we want to focus on: human rights, sexual education, health, nutrition, movement, business, saving, English and computer programs. While trying to openly discuss about diverse issues, and adapting the programs mentioned above, we want to be a sustainable NGO and so using our proceeds for operational costs by selling their new learnt local goods and services in our center.

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Donations & support

As said, we want to become a self sufficient training center, but to get there we obviously need funds. Donations are very welcome and can be made by bank transfer via Crossing borders for Ghana or locally at the Women’s center or at Moon&Star guesthouse.

We will also be selling items like aprons, shito, slippers and cakes at Moon&Star guesthouse to support Banko Women center.
A part of our tip money at the guesthouse goes to Banko women center.

And did you know that when you book a cultural or nature weekend with us €25,00 is also donated to Banko women center? 

Volunteering opportunities!


Are you reliable, problem solving and willing to learn about the Ghanaian culture in combination with women empowerment? This might be a big chance for you!

We are looking for help with some paperwork and fund raising, while we offer you the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, widen your view and getting to know another culture.

Volunteering via Moon&Star guesthouse is a personal development journey


We can use your help with some paperwork and fund raising. When you volunteer with us you need to realize that the project can and will also run without you. We are not saying that you won’t be an asset to the team, you will be an addition to the local team.

We strongly emphasize that volunteering abroad is a chance to learn, discover and explore. Once you let go of the idea that you are going to change the world, a whole new world opens up to you!

Travelling and living with locals opens you up more to other customs and habits in a different world, there but also at home.
Working at Banko Women center has helped me a lot in developing this. Besides that Ghana is a great country and I would recommend anyone to visit!


Costs and minimum duration of stay for volunteers


The minimum duration for your stay as a volunteer is 4 weeks.

As a volunteer for Banko women center, you don’t pay for your volunteering experience. But you will pay for your accommodation and 3 meals a day. The costs are €365,00 per month.


Sustainability is very important to us and to help ensure that you have more fun and impact during your time in Ghana, you will follow an online course and receive an E-book to prepare yourself. The investment for that is €45,00.

So in total you will pay €410,00 for an amazing month in Ghana. Of course you can stay longer as well. The charge is €85,00 per week.



If you need extra guidance, in the form of a personal guidance program including airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, lot’s of explanation about traveling in Ghana etc, the charges will be €799,00 for the first month and after that €85,00 per extra week.

Link up with us when you are interested! You can make an appointment to talk face to face with Pat or send an email.

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