Banko women organization, an initiative to empower the women from Banko and surroundings

volunteer Cecilia, Doris, Pat and Comfort at Banko women center

Banko Women Organization is an initiative of Moon&Star guesthouse in collaboration with Crossing Borders for Ghana and local leaders. We focus on improving the situation and empowering women in Banko, Ghana. We want to achieve this by providing a reliable and safe place for women to meet, learn, discuss and sell.


We currently have 2 training centers, a sewing center and a hairdressing center. Local women are given the opportunity to learn these practical trades from local women. In addition, our students receive extra classes on business, but also on health, domestic management and how to deal with adversity.

Team Moon&Star, the teachers and I, Patries, run the women’s center. Click here to read more about us. The teachers and students are there Monday through Friday and I can be found at the women’s center 2 mornings a week. The training centers are self-sufficient, which means that they can exist from the revenue they generate themselves. We sell the products of the sewing workshop in Moon&Star guesthouse and a selection can also be ordered in the Netherlands via Ghana roots.


For the hairdressing training, we have a different arrangement. One third of the proceeds is the salary for the teacher, one third goes to the electricity bill and one third of the proceeds go into the maintenance pot of Banko Women center.

Get involved!

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As mentioned, the training centers are self sufficient. This is something we are very proud of since we only started the sewing workshop in December 2021. Sustainability is a very important aspect for us, and a project must be self-sufficient to be sustainable.

So why are we asking for help?

There is space for a total of 3 more courses in the building, but our ambitions don’t stop there. We would also like to set up agricultural projects and realize a training for female tour guides. And for this we need funds of course!

What is the next project?

For now, we’ll be patient. With every new project there are so-called teething problems and we want to let the center as it is now, with the sewing atelier and the hairdressing training, run as is for a few months before starting the next fundraising campaign.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t help! The next training center will be a computer room and that too is not cheap to accomplish in Ghana. For now, we are leaving the action for the hair salon open, where you can deposit your donation for the computer lab. In September 2022 we will officially start fundraising for the computer lab.



Volunteering at Banko women organization is super diverse, you will be involved with fundraising, social media and blog content and product development among other things.


Are you:








Do you enjoy:




Sharing knowledge


Then you are the person we are looking for!
The traveler who realizes that Africa is a huge continent and that each country is authentic. A person who wants to contribute in a responsible way, you want to learn, exchange and experience. And you want to discover the beautiful, mostly green, Ghana. And of course you want to have a lot of fun in the women’s center!




Banko Woman center is a sustainable organization. If your motives for volunteering in Africa correspond to the following quote, we recommend you look for a less sustainable volunteer organization.



“I want to go to the real authentic Africa to do volunteer work. Preferably with children or with animals, because I love children and animals so much. I want to bring smiles and love…..”

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“I liked the fact that it was founded by Pat, a Dutch woman with over 20 years of experience in Ghana, so just like me, she has a bit of both worlds in her. By choosing the Banko Women Organization, I knew that the e-book and course would give me a good preparation for the volunteer work.

In addition, I felt it was important to work on a project where there is a lot of focus on social sustainability so you can be sure that you are truly providing value.”

“I was quite surprised by the fact that progress was made after each working day. In the past, I’ve often done volunteer work, also in developing countries, where I often questioned my role and contribution as a volunteer and to what extent you help people progress. Often the ideas were there but to actually implement them was often difficult or did not happen.

Here it was not like that. You could see that both Patricia and Lydia work with passion on the project and really believe in it. When you are together in the office it is catching. Everyone wants to move forward.”

Click here to read all about Cecilia’s experience!



We could use your help with fundraising, website and social media content creation and product development. But it could also be that you can help setting up the next training center. For fundraising you can think of applying for grants and setting up sponsor campaigns. As a volunteer with us you work independently, the rest of the team is busy with other tasks. We do have room for several volunteers. So if you want to come with someone else, that’s no problem!
In your free time there is plenty of room to discover beautiful Ghana. And did you know there is a swimming pool within walking distance of Moon&Star guesthouse?

We strongly emphasize that volunteering abroad is an opportunity to learn, discover and explore. Once you let go of the idea that you are going to improve the world, a whole new world will open up for you!


Costs and minimum duration of stay for volunteers

The minimum duration for your stay as a volunteer is 4 weeks.

As a volunteer for Banko women center, you don’t pay for your volunteering experience. But you will pay for your accommodation and 3 meals a day. The costs are €365,00 per month.


Sustainability is very important to us and to help ensure that you have more fun and impact during your time in Ghana, you will follow an online course and receive an E-book to prepare yourself. The investment for that is €45,00.

So in total you will pay €410,00 for an amazing month in Ghana. Of course you can stay longer as well. The charge is €85,00 per week.



If you need extra guidance, in the form of a personal guidance program including airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, lot’s of explanation about traveling in Ghana etc, the charges will be €799,00 for the first month and after that €85,00 per extra week.

Link up with us when you are interested! You can make an appointment to talk face to face with Pat or send an email.

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Travelling and living with locals opens you up more to other customs and habits in a different world, there but also at home.
Working at Banko Women center has helped me a lot in developing this. Besides that Ghana is a great country and I would recommend anyone to visit!


Last year we started preparations for Banko Women Organization . In December we actually started the first training center. I am working very closely with some amazing women. The ladies of team Moon&Star, the teachers, the board and at a distance with Anja.

I started this project with a lot of energy and I am surprised how much fun it is to work here. The energy is very nice and the work is super varied. Of course there are lesser things, think of the administration….
But what fun it is to develop products, sell products in the guesthouse, raise funds, see how the students progress and work together in another location than the guesthouse.

I am also very happy that we have found a way to make use of everyone’s qualities in a sustainable way. In this project you can really contribute as a foreigner, without having a negative impact.
Would you like to become my temporary colleague at this wonderful women’s center? Then sign up as a volunteer!


Patricia Zoer

owner of Moon&Star guesthouse and co-founder of Banko Women organization

Volunteering in Ghana at Banko women organization

I wrote a very extensive blog post that can answer all the questions you might have about volunteering with us.
So, if in doubt I encourage you to click the button below, or just send me an e-mail!