When our guests ask us which nearby tourist site they should visit, our answer is always; a trip to Bomfobiri WS!! Amazing unspoilt wilderness, waterfalls and great guides. Bomfobiri has all aspects of nature in Ghana in one wildlife sanctuary.

Don’t be too sad when you don’t get time to travel all the way to the north of Ghana and Mole NP. Moon&Star is here and we will take you on beautiful and adventurous trips in Ashanti, like Bomfobiri WS.

It is truly nature, the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary. We walk a good ten kilometers in about three hours, with an experience ranger ahead of us. The hike to the jungle leads us across the savannah, past a waterfall and contains a few climbing moments in between. 

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Hiking in an adventurous environment

Baboons, buffaloes, crocodiles, chimpanzees and red river hogs: the informative posters at the rangers office promise a lot of beautiful things. Hunting or feeding is not the intention and no one should pet the crocodiles either, but we feel safe with ranger Prince by our side.

adventure in Bomfobiri
Climbing over logs and wade through streams is very usual during the Bomfobiri trip

Are you the lucky one who is going to spot animals during your trip to Bomfobiri?

Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Kumawu Traditional Area in the Ashanti region. The area is 53 km2. This consists of a jungle and a grand savannah landscape with more than 140 bird species, such as hornbills and 26 other mammal types. The varied flora and fauna is a credit to Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary, which does its best to protect the ecosystem.

We start the walk after a thorough explanation about the forest by Prince. The landscape extends far and surrounds us with greenery and distant mountains. There is quite a lot to spot with binoculars, from birds to butterflies. Prince leads us via small bridges and large stepping stones to the first stop. An impressive waterfall. One that is seasonal and does not always let its water flow.

November is the best month to see animals. At the same time, the area is more than worth to admire at other times. In addition to hiking, it is possible to climb mountains, view a cave, impressive sights such as the Lion Stone, you can camp and swim in various places.

The Rangers have love for nature and their work

We are halfway in the jungle when Prince suddenly bends forward. He takes three stones. “I use this to let the crocodiles know that we are coming. It is an announcement and always works perfectly!” The coast appears to be safe after he threw the stones in the water. We walk on and arrive unharmed at the other side. As a ranger, Prince experiences everything. Heroic stories that impress the inexperienced jungle walkers. “A python is able to eat a person, but he also likes to feed on animals. For example, I once saw a python eating an antelope! ”His advice? Do not disturb and run fast! 

His love for nature is clear as water and with his stories we finish the walk. Content and happy, with a nice memory in our personal bank. 

What do you need for your trip to Bomfobiri?

Sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing (long pants are the best!), perhaps sunscreen and water, of course. If you like swimming, you can also bring swimwear and a towel. The ranger makes time for a refreshing dive! And for a picknick that team Moon&Star is happy to prepare for you! Please note that you have to be in for a hike, since it takes a few hours. 

A trip to Bomfobiri is part of the nature weekend trip, of our completely arranged Ashanti tour and of course, we can arrange it for you when you are spending your vacation at Moon&Star guesthouse!