7 reasons why a visit to Moon&Star guesthouse during your trip to Ghana should be on your travel itenary

Planning a trip is always exciting! If you are planning a trip to Ghana, this blog is a must read! Moon&Star Guesthouse is not just a guesthouse surrounded by beautiful nature, Moon&Star is so much more.

In this blog I’m going to give you 7 reasons why Moon&Star should be on the travel itenary for your Ghana experience. The top 7 is in random order.

1. Team Moon&Star

Team Moon&Star is helpful, enthusiastic and fun. We are all-round, which means that we are able to do every job that comes with working here. But we do have our specialties. Bra Justice is our tour guide and the liaison between guests and the local drivers and the lady who does the Traditional cooking workshop. Sister Lydia is the receptionist and handles restocking and some of the paper works that comes with running a business. And Pat is handling the website, social media and marketing.

We are the most visible faces behind Moon&Star, but if you want to see who help us check out the about us page

2. Our great environment

We have created a great and relaxing environment. There are a lot of places where you can feel at home during your travels through Ghana. Enjoy your meals at our terrace surrounded by flowers that attract the butterflies and humming birds. From that same terrace you get a magnificent view of the mountains. Take one of our hammocks to our private forest and enjoy your favorite podcast while looking at the tree tops. Enjoy the garden view at the front and interact with the locals passing by. Or hang out at the bar and have a chat with a member of Team Moon&Star. Can you picture yourself already here at Moon&Star?

3. We are on route to the north of Ghana

Moon&Star is located on the way to the north of Ghana, so include us in your planning
A visit to Moon&Star can easily be included in your Ghana trip

Moon&Star guesthouse is on the way to the north, which means you can skip the hussle of Kumasi and pass the local villages on your way up to Nkoranza, Mole NP, Tamale and beyond.

One of our favorite ways to travel from the coast of Ghana to the north is by visiting our friends from the Green ranch at beautiful lake Bosumtwi, where you can enjoy amazing views, good food and some horse back riding at the lakeside. How cool is that?

After that you come to Moon&Star where you can spend some time to relax and visit great tourist attractions. Before continuing your travels to the Northern part of Ghana.

4. Social mission

Moon&Star guesthouse has a social mission. We are not just a business. We take our social responsibility serious. I am a Dutch woman, I am very aware of the fact that I am privileged to be able to live in such a great place as Banko. You won’t see us shouting from rooftops about all the good we do, so you’ll have to trust us on this. Or have a conversation with us while you are here! We belief that any business in any place in the world should be involved in their community and should try to support in any way they can. Or at least be involved! Read more about our social mission.

5. Great food

Great food is something that you should consider while planning your trip to Ghana! Team Moon&Star loves food, Ghanaian food and especially good food. We also love to prepare food and to serve amazing dishes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and you will see some nice creations from our kitchen from time to time. We don’t work with a menu from which you can order, mainly because Banko is a wonderful and intimate community, but has limited dining options. Moon&Star guesthouse works with a fixed menu. Of course you can express your preferences or dietary requirements. And we gladly adjust our recipes when you are vegan or vegetarian.

6. Great day trips with local guides and local drivers

There are many adventurous and cultural tourist sites around us. This is why we ‘invented’ the completely arranged Ashanti tours and our special weekend trips in Ghana. Besides our social mission, we also promote sustainable travel that’s why we work with local guides and local drivers, also because it is the best way to learn more about a country. Of course, you can also fit us into your Ghana trip when you are planning your trip with a driver. When there is a room available your driver can even lodge with us free of charge.

7. Your host has 20 years of traveling experience in Ghana

I have been traveling in Ghana for almost 20 years, so I think I can call myself an experienced Ghana traveler. And for the past 9 years I have been living here, it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about the Ghanaian culture and customs. As your host I’m always ready to help explain things that are not that clear when you are not used to being in Ghana. My tips and advice are very helpful during the planning of your trip, but also when you are already in Ghana. And my stories, I have many, are certainly entertaining… Feel free to ask me anything during your stay!

While planning a trip to Ghana, remember us!

There are many more reasons as to why you should plan Moon&Star guesthouse in your Ghana trip. We won’t mention them in this blog, we want you to find out for yourself why we should be included in your travel plans,

Moon&Star guesthouse is more than a guesthouse, we can help you plan your tour, arrange a volunteer placement or let us be the place where you recharge your battery…

Please contact us for your bookings or when you have any questions.

If you already found someone to arrange your trip to Ghana, great!!! Please let them know about Moon&Star guesthouse. We offer free accommodation for the driver/guide