When you google on best spots for digital nomads, Budapest, Chiang Mai in Thailand and e.g. Lisbon constantly appear. Sometimes you also see Cape Town, but the safety…
I would like to add a destination to this list: Moon&Star guesthouse, at Banko, the perfect place in Ghana for digital nomads! I do hope not all bloggers will follow this trend I’m setting now… because Moon&Star guesthouse doesn’t have that many rooms…

osu at Accra,has lot's of working spaces for digital nomads in Ghana
Osu, Accra

Accra, capital of Ghana is not on the digital nomads map

Accra is a vibrant metropolis. There is WiFi in many places. You will find numerous restaurants with food from all over the world. There are co working spaces and yet Ghana is missing on the Africa map of Nomadlist.com.

Jennifer from The Ghana traveller wrote about the 3 best hotels in Accra for digital nomads.

What does a digital nomad need at his or her residence/work environment?

There are many checklists that a good destination for digital nomads has to comply with;

  • Low cost of living
  • Consistent internet
  • Electricity
  • Suitable workspace
  • Security
  • Fun

Then, according to the various blogs and research there is also a need for hospitality, diversity and places of interest.

Ghana meets all the criteria for digital nomads!

Why would a digital nomad be happy to stay at Moon&Star guesthouse, Ghana?

In a previous blog I already discussed the advantages of a longer stay at Moon&Star guesthouse. Click here for the extensive blog.

For a digital nomad, the main advantages are the solid and inexpensive internet, the solar facilities and the feeling of home that team Moon&Star offers. And do you miss the vibrant city life from time to time… No problem, travelling to Accra or Kumasi for a few days is always possible!

Did you know that a 1 month stay only costs €499,-? This includes 3 meals a day, a private room with bathroom and electricity charges!

For more information, send a mail or Whats app!

Moon&Star guesthouse
More than a guesthouse