I have a weird question, that’s how an email started to hello@moonandstarguesthouse.com this week. This weird question turned out not to be a weird question at all, but it was the inspiration for this blog.

I would like to stay with you for a longer period of time (about 2 months), but I don’t necessarily want to volunteer. I think Moon&Star guesthouse is the place where I can find rest and where I can figure out what I want to do next. Can I benefit from the reduced volunteer rate?

Of course you can use the reduced rate! Many have already gone before you. From 1 month stay you can benefit from the discount that you also get as a volunteer. The stay including 3 meals per day will cost €125 per week, which is an affordable accommodation in Ghana!

We are the perfect place for a longer and affordable stay in Ghana.

Since the opening of Moon&Star guesthouse we have been able to offer a home to writers, digital nomads, people with a gap year, recently retired people and and people who are figuring things out like the person from the mail.

Why is Moon&Star guesthouse the place to be in Ghana for a longer stay?

Beautiful location

Moon&Star guesthouse is located in the Ashanti region, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, have many birds and butterflies in our garden.

Feeling at home

Thanks to our small-scale setup and team Moon&Star everyone feels at home here. Read more about our team here.

Delicious food

We serve a mix of local and international dishes. Team Moon&Star loves to cook and you can taste it! Read more about our 10 most popular dishes here.

Lots of space and quiet spots

You get a nice room in the guesthouse, but the guesthouse has more places where you can relax or work. We have a terrace on our front porch. We have the hall, where you can work very well. You are also welcome in the kitchen to help, or to have a chat. You can sit at the bar.
Then there’s our lovely terrace in the garden, where we also serve our food.
And last but not least we have a strip of private forest, where you can meditate or lie down in a hammock.

Good internet

Via MTN we have an excellent internet network in Banko. And internet is not expensive. The cheapest data bundle that is very suitable for digital nomads is 200GB for €70. There is no expiration date on this bundle.

Solar system

At this moment 4 of the 6 rooms have light and a fan on solar energy. And in the kitchen there is a charging station for phones and laptops. Ghana is a country where power failures sometimes occur. But thanks to our solar supply that doesn’t have to get in the way of the work.

Image reading: Banko women organization's Moon and Star nonprofit guesthouse and cafe


Moon&Star guesthouse is part of Banko women organization and all proceeds go straight to the women’s center. You can also help us extra by coming to volunteer!

Click here to read more about Banko women organization and volunteering!

This beautiful place in the amazing countryside is the best place to get away from busy Kumasi. I had such a nice hike through villages and rural life but also on the top of the hill where you can have a stunning view over the forest. The guesthouse itself owns lovely rooms. They make good food for you as you wish and you can have a good conversation on the terrace in the middle of a very beautiful garden while you are enjoying your meal. The owner and staff are so friendly and welcoming, it feels like coming home.