We discover the world of kente, a silk and cotton fabric that comes from the Akan. And we find out that the “golden tree”, tree of cocoa beans, offers more than just delicious chocolate. During the kente weaving tour in Ashanti Region you will learn a lot about nice clothes and chocolate. A seductive combination!

The weaver quickly pulls the threads backwards while pressing the wooden pedals with his feet. The blocks press the pattern of the kente and at the same time they bring the threads together. Our eyes try to follow his hands and feet, but we give up quickly because of the fast pace. The weavers receive their skills from an early age. The weavers work in rows next to each other. Depending on the years of work experience, they use either double or triple strips. The latter takes no less than a day to make.

Used for all kinds of occasions

Adanwomase is known for its kente cloth and the kente weaving tour is popular in Ashanti Region. The knowledge and educational center receives many interested people who are happy to learn more. It appears that Ghanaians use kente cloth for all kinds of occasions. For marriage proposals, for example. If a man does not dare to propose his hopefully future wife to be in real life, he buys a certain kente pattern with his name sewn into it. He then quietly puts it in her house at night when she is asleep. When she wakes up the next day, she sees the kente and knows that a proposal is waiting for her! Other kente cloth contain important life lessons. Such as “have patience and endurance” or “don’t be jealous”.

As soon as a weaver comes up with a new pattern, he gives a name to his work. The supervisor then determines whether the name is appropriate. It is important that the name serves the market well and that it is not political. In the past, the weavers made special figures for political figures such as Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

After the weaving center we visit the cocoa tree plantation. When we arrive, we see a table full of curious subjects. The cocoa tree, the golden tree, offers a lot! For example, the trunk appears to be an aphrodisiac for men. And even the leaves serve a useful medicinal purpose, namely as a drink for breastfeeding women. The bark works against a cough and Ghanaians use dried fruit to make black soap. Finally and not unimportantly: in addition to exporting, Ghanaians also make their own chocolate from the bean, namely the “Kingsbite” brand. Don’t forget to try it!

Want to go?

Moon&Star guesthouse is happy to take you along on a kente weaving tour to Adanwomase in the Ashanti Region! We arrange transportation for you and we ensure that you get a good tour. Thanks to your excursion you will support the locals at the same time, considering all the money spent goes to them!

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