You may have heard of the Kwahu Mountains or the Kwahu Plateau. Around Easter, it is usually very busy because of a festival and you can enjoy paragliding from the Odweanoma Paragliding field. Kwahu is a district in the Eastern region and its capital is Nkawkaw. The mountains you see around Kumawu in Ashanti are the foothills of the Kwahu Plateau.
I usually write articles about the undiscovered places in the Ashanti region around Moon&Star guesthouse. But this year, I’d like to highlight other beautiful off-the-beaten-track places as well. Starting with Kwahu in this blog.

The Kwahu Mountains are easily accessible from Accra and Kumasi

Nkawkaw is located approximately between Accra and Kumasi and 3 hours travel from Moon&Star guesthouse. The central location and the fact that Nkawkaw is a transport hub, makes the Kwahu Mountains very suitable for a 2-day trip, for example in the weekends.

Hotels in the Kwahu district

There are several hotels in Kwahu district. You can choose to stay in Nkawkaw or in one of the smaller towns and villages in the district. Among others, you can lodge at Mpraeso, Obo and Abetifi.

Zipline and Canopy walk at Kwahu Obo

Obo is the place where many wealthier Ghanaians have built their holiday homes or second houses. Many Ghanaian musicians also come from Obo. For adventurous travellers, Obo offers a spectacular zipline and canopy walkway.

Kwahu Abetifi is the most high located town in the area

Abetifi is the capital of Kwahu East district. Abetifi is the most elevated village in this district. You can visit the Abetifi Stone Age park.

Contact Let’s tour Kwahu for a great experience!

The best tip I can give you would be to contact Let’s tour Kwahu before you travel to Kwahu mountains. You can do this via Instagram @letstourkwahu . Or by calling: 0545748380.

Example of a getaway with Let’s tour Kwahu

Check into a hotel of your choice. Luxury hotel at 650 Ghs per night or a standard hotel for a price ranging between 150 and 350 Ghs per night. Let’s tour Kwahu can also organize a homestay.
-Lunch can be delivered or visit Boatemaa Place restaurant for delicious local food like kelewele, Kwahu Jollof or fufu. to fufu.
-In the evening you can go to cafes like Legacy Lounge, Premiere club, Fridge mu, Kwahu bar, countryside pub or the pizzeria at Rockcity hotel.
*When you go for a tour the next day with Let’s tour Kwahu, it is best not to stay out too late.


For day 1, you can select from the following attractions:

  • Warriors Cave & Echo Ravern
  • Airjays(zipline and canopy walkway)
  • Abetifi Stone Age Park
  • Obouba tour Park
  • Odweanoma Paragliding field


On the second day in Kwahu, there is still time for an activity before you start your journey back to Accra or Kumasi around 2pm. You can choose from the following:

  • Odweanoma Paragliding field
  • Bruku hiking
  • Busuase Waterfall
  • Canoeing
  • Poolside

The tours in Kwahu may take some energy, but they are definitely worth it!

Let’s tour Kwahu advises to plan no more than 3 activities per day so that you have some energy left for the next day. Prepare yourself for hiking and climbing at Kwahu mountains!
For a nice tour of about 5 hours you will have to spend about 200 Ghs. This includes transport.

Want to know more? Contact Let’s tour Kwahu!

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