People ask me more often what keeps me busy while the guesthouse is closed. First of all of course the day-to-day tasks of a mom with 2 kids who are at home because of the Covid 19 restrictions, so I teach them, work out with them, play games, cook often with them and give them screen time so that I can do something else as well. I also exercise every day and keep up the social media of Moon&Star guesthouse.

Furthermore, my work as a Ghana coach continues on a low level and I am creating a website for this purpose.

You see, I’m not getting bored. But this period also provides an opportunity for fun, inspiring and wonderful collaborations.

Moon&Star guesthouse meets 1 2 Travel Africa

An exciting, but very nice experience was to host an Instagram live with Dilo.
We had a very interesting conversation about Ghana and Malawi, our work, the existing prejudices and the similarities between our respective homelands.

I slightly shortened the original version and it is now on our You Tube channel. If you want to support us and keep us informed about new videos coming online, don’t forget to subscribe!

Watch our conversation here

A special collaboration in the kitchen of Moon&Star guesthouse

As you may know, cooking means a lot to me. I love to do it. I can pamper people with my cooking, I can make guests happy. It’s also an outlet, when I lose track of things, I cook. I’m always more at peace after that.
Creating dishes is what I love , not according to a fixed recipe but with the ingredients I have. I cook with my heart, not by a book. I am fortunate that I learned a few things about cooking techniques and recipes in college where i followed the course Food & Dietetics years ago.

Moon&Star guesthouse meets the EMO Foundation from Kpando

Last year we had the visitor Luc Somers from Belgium who runs a splendid foundation together with Ghanaian colleagues in the Volta region. He helps young people on track in a way that suits them. He helps the youngsters find out what their passion and talent is and sees whether the foundation can help them develop this talent. This is in line with my vision of volunteering and offering help. This was the start of our wonderful collaberoration.

The beginning of a wonderful collaboration with the EMO foundation

Wizzy’s restaurant is part of the foundation

Wisdom is one of the young people who is being looked after by the EMO foundation. Wizzy is the cook at Wizzy’s restaurant. A while ago we agreed that Wizzy would come for an internship in the kitchen of Moon&Star guesthouse. And a few weeks ago Wizzy made the trip from Kpando to Banko.

On the first day Wizzy cooked a delicious pizza and mixed salad for us. He has talent We got along right away and we could see that this was going to be a fun collaboration.

I noticed that Wizzy used a lot of ingredients for his pizza dough and also for the sauce. The next day it was time to start the cooking lessons. Homemade jam was the first on the program. I like to make jam with fruit from my own garden and we had a lot of bananas. Bananas, sugar and lime juice.

The first week of the collaboration was surprising for Wizzy

He often asked why I didn’t add more, why I didn’t have a kitchen appliance or an electrical appliance for what we were doing.
But while tasting the end result, he was often very surprised because of the rich taste of the dishes.

I explained that I cook straight forward, sustainable, simple but tasteful.

I use as few additives as possible, so that we can enjoy what nature has given us. It’s a challenge for me to cook with the few available ingredients as varied as possible, for everyone. So when someone is vegetarian, vegan or eats according to a particular diet, it doesn’t matter here at Moon&Star guesthouse.

You didn’t just teach him some new dishes, you taught him a different cooking philosophy.

According to Luc Somers
Wisdom receives his certificate as proof of participation in the cooking program.

All in all it were 2 very nice weeks with Wizzy from which we all learned.
On the last night we had a BBQ and what did Wizzy say? During cooking we do not use a cookbook, no we have a secret ingredient! Love!

The cooking lessons were a valuable reminder for me

Especially during the lessons about my cooking methods I realized that this is exactly how we run Moon&Star guesthouse… Authentic, back to basics, without too many additions. Moon&Star guesthouse is definitely for everyone (read more in our blog about a day at Moon&Star guesthouse).

But when you’re looking for a very luxurious room, a room decorated with cupboards, air conditioning and a hairdryer and hotel staff who constantly keep the door open for you… Then Moon&Star guesthouse might not be the place for you.

When you like being pampered but at the same time you feel at home. If you think sustainability is important. Do you appreciate traveling slowly and consciously? When you like to relax in a hammock in the forest and enjoy interacting with the staff? Then be sure to come to Moon&Star guesthouse!

When travel is possible again we would love to see you in Ghana at our beautiful place! Do you have questions about Ghana, travelling in Ghana, Ashanti or what we can offer you? Feel free to contact us!

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