Lydia went to Effiduase, Justice is fetching firewood, I’m preparing lunch. There is a relaxed, but energetic atmosphere on the grounds of our hotel in Ghana.

The Moon&Star volunteers are at school, the guest from room 5 who is on a journey of reflection went for a hike, the Ghanaian guests are taking care of their family affairs in the village, the people who have booked our Ashanti tour are on excursion to the Kente village of Adanwomase and the guests who are making our accommodation fully booked tonight are on their way from Cape Coast.

Bonfire at our hotel in Ghana

Justice has already found quite a pile of firewood and is turning it into a wedge shape. It already collapsed a few times, but that doesn’t spoil the fun.

Our meals are surprising and well balanced

The volunteers and the guest from room 5 are back for lunch. Today we serve a colorful and tasty mixture of ingredients partly from our own garden and the rest has been bought in our village Banko. Delicious creamy avocados filled with a blend of local vegetables, I fried some yam balls with it. An organic and vegan meal. Moon&Star guesthouse is not a vegan or vegetarian hotel in Ghana, but we do believe in balance.

After lunch the volunteers head to Anja’s children’s home for a few hours, the guest from room 5 takes a nap and the participants of the Ashanti tour ate their lunch parcels on the way and then continued on to the traditional shrines. Justice’s wooden ‘wigwam’ is now in place and Lydia has returned from Effiduase, fully loaded. Kuame Eugene sings from our music box in the kitchen and #teammoonandstar is in its element. Officially Justice had the morning shift and Lydia the evening shift, but on this kind of days, they both want to be here from start to finish.

BBQ evening to conclude the Ashanti tour

The volunteers come back from the Children’s home and ask if they can help in our cozy kitchen, the guest from room 5 also comes to help. The Ashanti tour participants are going to relax in the hammocks in our private forest. The Ghanaian guests are still in the village and the last guests are almost there.

Justice is going to borrow our neighbors’ speakers and then continues with setting up tables and chairs and rearranging them on our veranda. In the kitchen, where we work and dance at the same time, is a logistics problem in the fridge. But as always we know how to solve it.

It is the last day of the Ashanti tour and that means that we organize a BBQ with a campfire evening. The volunteers who are working in Banko via Moon&Star guesthouse always love it when we organize an Ashanti tour, the guest from room 5 is also happy about it, the Ghanaian guests don’t use meals from Moon&Star, because they are visiting family and the weekend guests from Cape Coast are in for a treat.

Appetizer time! Moon&Star guesthouse is a unique hostel in Ghana.

The work is done in the kitchen, the buffet table is there. Now it is time to have a drink with the guests present and wait for the weekend guests from Cape Coast. Lovely music emerges from the boxes and we toast to a nice evening while the weekend guests arrive. They don’t need long to get settled and they also join us. They didn’t expect such a welcome in a hotel in Ghana.

The BBQ is lit and #teammoonandstar takes the variety of food to the buffet table. A salad, yam cubes with rosemary from the oven, a bread salad, yollof rice, sauces and the dishes that can be used on the BBQ; chicken, hamburgers, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed green peppers, kebab and vegetable parcels.

It turns out to be a Ghanaian evening with drums

Meanwhile, the Ghanaian guests have arrived and are joining us on the veranda. The neighbors followed the BBQ scent and the music, the bonfire is burning. We offer a fruit salad and ask if there are people who want coffee and tea. No, we would like another beer… Some other colleagues who have heard that it is fun at Moon&Star guesthouse also come. Someone asks if we have any drums. Yes we do. And while our bellies are full, we talk, dance, and continue drumming with the whole group.

I pull back for a moment and watch from a distance, enjoying the whole scene. Ghanaian guests, volunteers, low budget travelers and people who are used to luxury, mixed with team Moon&Star and our neighbors.

Moon&Star is the hotel in Ghana where everyone feels at home.

A wonderful view and exactly the reason why I can’t and won’t choose who our perfect customer is. I know this is difficult for marketing and search engine optimization. But why should we limit ourselves when this mix is the reason why Moon&Star guesthouse is so great? Everyone is welcome and together we will make sure that you’ll have a wonderful time during your Ghana trip!

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