What is the room rate at Moon&Star guesthouse? And what about the food? And how much for food is another frequently asked question. I hear you thinking; Pat, you don’t have to write a blog about the rates at Moon&Star guesthouse!
There is no simple or quick answer to the questions, so I think it’s time. And I promise you, it won’t be boring and it won’t be a blog of 1000 words.

Why a blog about the room rate at Moon&Star guesthouse?

How expensive is the room? That is a very simple question. But, as has already been written, we do not have an straightforward answer to that question.

The other day someone called to ask how much a room cost and I said €10 per person. “Ooh that’s expensive”, was the response. Before I could continue that we have a special rate for students and volunteers and that our rooms have a private bathroom and solar facilities. In the end it worked out well and he enjoyed half board at student rate.
Because most guests enjoy all their meals at our place and because we don’t have a menu we offer full, half board and bed & breakfast prices. We also have special student / volunteer rates. Read more about the special rates for long term stays!

An overview of our prices for the rooms and board

Wait a minute….. No menu card?? Why not?

When we started Moon&Star guesthouse 10 years ago we had a breakfast and lunch menu and every day we wrote a choice menu for dinner on a blackboard. The latter I had copied from the relaxed Big Milly’s backyard in Kokrobite.
But what happened? In the first year all the guests said, we like to eat what you eat.

What do you mean by full board, half board and B & B?

If you choose full board, you get 3 meals a day. When you go on an excursion we will gladly prepare a lunch parcel for you.
In case of half board we provide breakfast and dinner. And when you choose Bed & Breakfast, you only enjoy our extensive breakfast platter. Of course you can also book a room and no meals with us. But you will miss out then 😉

We chose the full-board option and really enjoyed the home-cooked meals and yummy breakfast (banana pancakes!). Pat also organized a Fufu (traditional Ghanaian dish) cooking class for us at a local woman’s home- a wonderful experience!


No menu card matches our sustainable mission

Because we no longer need to stock everything on the menu, we were able to say goodbye to our large energy consuming freezer. And I can use many more local products and even products from the garden. I love picking our own oranges, bananas or papaya’s for breakfast!
And because we don’t have a menu card I can cater much better to specific needs and diets, e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan food. Above all, I can now apply all my creativity in the kitchen, and you can taste that!
Would you like to read more about what we cook at Moon&Star guesthouse? Then click here.

room rate at Moon&Star guesthouse
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