Guests often ask me for suggestions for daytime activities. There are many excursions you can do from Moon&Star guesthouse. These include visits to waterfalls, shrines, cooking workshops and craft villages. Read more about the excursions in our area in this blog: Things to do in Kumasi, Ashanti and near Moon&Star.

Besides all these great daytrips you can go for wonderful walking tours in Ghana, as well as in our surroundings! In this article I give you 5 times walking inspiration.

Meet the people of Banko on a stroll through the village

Many of our guests want to stretch their legs after arrival. In that case a walk to Banko is a good idea. Moon&Star guesthouse is just 10 minutes away from this friendly village in the Ashanti region. The inhabitants of Banko are very hospitable. If you want a tour of Banko we can arrange it for you!

Walking across cocoa plantations and farms in Ghana

When you walk to the back of our premises you enter a strip of private forest and immediately behind it is a cocoa farm. There are many cocoa farmers in Ghana as well as in Banko. If there are ripe fruits on the tree, just pick one for a nice refreshing snack. Be careful not to bite on the cocoa bean! Only nibble off the flesh.

If you follow the paths you will pass several farms. People from the village grow a lot of food themselves. For me it is almost impossible to see where one vegetable garden ends and the next one starts, but the farmers know that very well. Maybe you also come across the sand excavations. When you see large barrels, pipes, jerrycans and water you have discovered a local distillery.

Would you like a member of team Moon&Star to hike with you through the jungle of Ghana? No problem, we can organize that!

On the look-out for birds, insects and reptiles during your hike

On the Moon & Star guesthouse compound you can already see many different birds. Unfortunately I don’t know many names of birds. But every day I enjoy the little blue hummingbirds, the little black birds with bright orange heads, the hornbills and so many more birds. Also a lot of different butterflies are attracted to the flowers in our garden. And everywhere you look while sitting on our terrace you see agamas, lizards and geckos.


When you actually start searching, you will see a lot more! Birds of prey, termite mounds in many shapes, colourful grasshoppers and maybe even a chameleon or a snake.

Walking from village to village

If you would rather not hike through the jungle in Ghana, but prefer walking a nice route instead of going back and forth somewhere the same way. Then you can take a scenic route from village to village. Your route is like a triangle. You see the beautiful nature and the mountains. You meet people who go to the farm and maybe you meet a herd of cows with their keeper along the way. The walk takes about 3 hours.

Hiking to the mountains and climbing them as well

At the terrace of Moon&Star guesthouse we can enjoy the view over 2 mountains that can be explored. You can take a taxi to these mountains. But you can also go hiking. A beautiful walk of about 2 hours over the red sand roads, through several villages. In those villages you can buy a drink or some fruit or a snack. When you are not too tired after climbing the mountain, you can also walk back. But you can also take a taxi back.

Are you also coming for a hike in Ghana with Moon&Star guesthouse?

During the fully arranged 3,4 or 5 day Ashanti tour team Moon&Star will make sure you see all the attractions in our area! Click here for more information.