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weekend getaway!

February weekend getaway in Ashanti

Looking for a great weekend getaway in February?

Want to discover new places?

Meet new people in Ghana?

Escape the hassle of everyday life and the city?

Join our Ashanti highlights weekend getaway!

Hike from the mountain

where, when, what?

Where: Moon&Star guesthouse at Banko, Ashanti

When: 11-13 February

What: Weekend getaway with great food, cool trips and amazing company!
On Friday the 11th we will serve a simple dinner. On Saturday we will bring you to an amazing nature park, off the beaten path and you will do a very nice and informative Kente&Cocoa tour. 
We will pound fufu in the evening. No worries when you are vegetarian, vegan or have other dietary wishes!
On Sunday morning we will climb the holey mountain in our area(No worries, it’s not a very difficult climb) and after lunch we will say our goodbye’s. 


Are you joining our special highlights weekend getaway?

This weekend is going to be special!! Why?
Well, first of all it’s going to be the first Moon&Star event of 2022!! We took a small break after all festivities during the Holidays. Because it’s the first event there’s a huge discount compared to our regular weekendtrips! And…… We have some amazing people coming already. Good talks&fun are guaranteed!

ONLY A FEW SPOTS!!! So be fast!

We are combining the absolute highlights in our area, great food and meeting new people or old friends in this special weekend getaway. 

on the mountain top

What are the costs for the highlight weekend getaway?

The price includes your stay, all meals, drinking water, transportation to the excursions and entrance fees. The spots for this weekend getaway are limited. We have the following rooms and prices available:
– Family room (2 double beds) – When you come as a group of 4 the price will be Ghs 649 pp, triple occupancy Ghs 699 pp
– Twin room (2 single beds) – Double occupancy price pp Ghs 749, single occupancy Ghs 849
– Double room (1 double bed) – Double occupancy price pp Ghs 699, single occupancy Ghs 849


Book your spot before the 8th of February!

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