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Moon&Star guesthouse; The place to be in Ghana!

Do you have plans to come to Ghana and do you want to be well prepared, make your trip more sustainable or have more positive impact during your stay?
Learn everything you need to know before your arrival.
The E-book costs €17.50 and the bonus is worth €25.00!!


“I highly recommend staying at Moon and Star during your trip through Ghana. The rooms are spacious and clean, there is a nice garden with terrace and an inside common space. Don’t forget the bar! Pat and her family will immediately make you feel at home. The food is great. It is only a few minutes to the village of Banko, where I experienced people are very friendly and welcoming. During your visit you can do several things around such as climbing a mountain or visiting kente weavers. You can also go on a  day trip to the city Kumasi and Lake Bosumtwi.”


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